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Friday, July 15, 2016

Proof That Someone Reads This Blog - From 2009.
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Oops, wrong graphic. This one is for all the comments from Church and Chicanery zombies.

Lesli Frank has left a new comment on your post "The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Stealth Con...":

I would personally like to thank you for your thorough investigation of these churches and pastors. Often times when my family and I go on vacation, other than sound emphasis on God's word, we don't really know what we are going to experience when we go to a WELS church. Because of your reporting, we now know that if we are in the areas of these churches you have highlighted here, we will most certainly attend them. We are always looking for the congregations that are looking to preach and live out the gospel message that Christ died to give us the freedom to follow Him. While most churches claim that and may very well do that, it seems that those that are willing to acknowledge that God himself gives no preference over traditional or contemporary, and He certainly doesn't state that either is wrong and that really appeals to us. May all of these churches and their pastors be blessed according to God's promise to those persecuted for His namesake. To God be all the glory.

GJ - Clearly this family thinks worship is an adiaphoron. Now they can have snacks and softdrinks at many WELS churches, like Victory of the Lamb, and Bible study with booze, too. See the links in the left column.


GJ - Once I told Doctrinal Pussycat Robert Mueller what a church member related to me. She said, "When my husband and I worship at WELS churches in Florida, the only way we can tell they are Lutheran is from the sign outside." That was 20 years ago. (27 years ago now)

Mueller glared at me. He claimed I was the "only one having problems with the Church Growth Movement." When I mentioned Pastor Stern's problems with CG, Mueller and Oelhafen immediately began making fun of Stern. I thought, "So this is how the Wisconsin leaders act?" And that was not the most disgusting moment by far.

WELS Pastor Jon Stern does not seem to be feeling fabulious
when posing with Scott Barefoot. Thanks to WELS' new
direction under Mark Schroeder,
they can say "Bottoms up!' with conviction.

I hear positive comments from a wide variety of people, included ordained pastors with some clout. No ELS, WELS, or LCMS pastor is allowed to be caught thinking. The officials remove the pastor by any means possible (since the officials reject the Means of Grace) and spew their venom on him and his family. I have seen it many times over. Next they justify their criminal behavior as saving their beloved Holy Mother Synod from harm. The results speak for themselves.

So I get a lot of positive remarks from all over, by phone, email, and even in person.

And there is this one:

"A friend alerted me to your slander. Please remove my name and image from your web site. I did not attend the Exponential conference. Get your facts straight.

Ben Golisch"

I am checking it out with my source. I will make the correction if it is correct. The comment was anonymous and could have come from anyone, including Gunga Don. I do not think people have control over their published photos.

Pastor Ben fails to mention his co-pastor Stelljes being at Exponential. Stelljes is directly related to VP Gunga Don Patterson's Church and Change Network. Daddy Stelljes is a member at Holy Word, an ironic name for Patterson's nest of Enthusiasts.

CLC Pastor David Koenig is a big fan of Church Growth, false doctrine,
David Valleskey, and Larry Olson - but I am repeating myself.
Gutsche has been a pastor in ELCA, ELCiC, WELS, and the CLC,
but ELCA kicked him out when he was arrested and charged.

For years Valleskey peddled the lie that he never went to Fuller. He even claimed that his study of Church Growth was forced upon him when he gave his Figs From Thistles paper (which WLQ subsequently published). He had been teaching CG at The Sausage Factory for some time already, and his class notes clearly showed that he was completely smitten by Church Growth. When CLC (sic) Pastor David Koenig got him to admit going to Fuller, Valleskey was furious that Koenig told me the truth in writing. Of course, Koenig was also mad as a hatter about my publication of the truth. Church Growth never advanced by being honest with anyone.

Yet Valleskey denied going to Fuller when I asked him after he gave his horrible paper at the Ohio conference.

Later, Valleskey even claimed I never spoke to him, a common WELS accusation aiimed at any public criticism of their published false doctrine. Of course, that was also a fabrication. I had to corner Valleskey, who tried to escape my probing questions. That claim about never speaking to Valleskey was passed on by Doctrinal Pussycat Nitz, whom Frosty Bivens called "the second most spineless DP in WELS."

A Midland circuit pastor asked, "Who is the most spineless?"

Frosty said, " Robert Mueller."

Later, Tim Buelow related his shock at Bivens openly criticizing an official. Normally the officials all treat each other as infallibly led by the Holy Spirit. One pastor even said, "I am not going to argue with the Circuit Pastor. The Holy Spirit appointed him." When ex-convict DP Ed Werner was choosing CPs who would wink at his criminal behavior, was that the work of the Holy Spirit?

DP Ed Werner was known for molesting girls in his congregation.
WELS did nothing until he was convicted, thanks to a new generation
of victims and their mothers.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Proof That Someone Reads This Blog with Discernmen...":

How ironic that the Doctrinal Pussycat is now filling a vacancy in Florida! He'll fit right in there.