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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Recent Successes in the Creation Garden

Sassy is making sure I know the sun is up, 6 AM. I may get a post written before she starts some of her vocal signals, such as muttering and a high pitched "mmmmmm." Additional props are the sad eyes, the leaning off the bed toward the front door, and the impatient "Yip."

Sassy just got Mrs. I to tell me to feed her. My wife is Sassy's closer. Sassy sells and my wife says, "Go ahead and..." short-circuiting my stall. I jump up, outvoted 2 to 1.

The designated repair man came over yesterday to fix a few things. He often has practical and easy answers for annoyances. He always sees his elderly mother after stopping here, so I fixed a vase of roses for her. The Falling in Love roses were blooming everywhere, so he got those and some bonus blooms. I said, "Tell her that these are for the great work you do at our house." We also visited in the garden. As a steward of the property he complimented us on having a "natural front yard" full of roses. I told my wife, "That took a lot of work to make it so natural looking."

Here are some recent successes in the gardens, though lush weeds threaten everywhere:

  1. The purple Bee Balm transplanted well in two places, front and back yards.
  2. The Bottle Brush (Clethra) shrubs are blooming and attracting many pollinators.
  3. Mountain Mint continues to grow and mature. 
  4. Spirea - the bushes around the main rose garden - are blooming and growing.
  5. Daylilies donated are thriving in the Wild Garden.
  6. Rugosa Roses are tiny but growing in the Wild Garden.
  7. Willow bushes are established as the ultimate Western Wall, to hide our neighbors' back yards.
  8. The main Butterfly Bush, White Profusion, is about nine feet tall and full of birds as they rotate on and off the feeders, the Jackson EZ Bird Swing, The bush also serves as shade and a natural outdoor curtain.
  9. The Crepe Mytle is in full bloom.
  10.  Butterfly Weed, for Monarch Butterfly babies, is growing in the front.
  11.  Borage - aka Bee Bread - just bloomed. The flowers are good to eat and the plant encourages a collection of beneficial insects.
  12. The roses are thriving without pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. The only fertilizing efforts are earthworms and mulch.