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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Supporting ELCA As Easy As Getting a DMin from Fuller Seminary.
All the Ways ELCA Gets Money and Support from WELS-LCMS-ELS

They are ELCA-wannabees.

Facebook makes it easier for everyone to keep track of apostasy, because the ELCA units love to brag about their latest projects. Like the Shrinkers, the Lavender Mafia members love to crow about their dominance. The passive remain in bondage - they must like domination.

I am linking Exposing the ELCA now because they are good at updating their readers about ELCA's latest crimes against the Word of God.

LCMS, WELS, and ELS members/pastors should find their blood boiling, because their overpaid synod presidents willingly work with ELCA on a multitude of projects, from the congregational level to the national level. Of course, national for the ELS is an oxymoron. And WELS is merely a four-state synod: Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Adjoining States (Nebraska).

Nevertheless, the millions wasted pile up, even when the sects are a small part of the pie chart - about 5% for the WELS/ELS.

All four sects work together following the ELCA agenda. Everyone must accept women pastors and ordained women executives. Missouri and WELS were doing that years ago with the The Membership (insurance funded) Initiative. But WELS and LCMS also work with open lesbian and homosexual executives. The lavender leaders of each group know one another, but I am sure that is as far as it goes. I know what you are thinking - but that would be unionism!

WELS/LCMS/ELS oppose unionism with their lips. They are confessional, they say!

The WELS DPs, who are so quick to get rid of justification by faith, are also blind to their constant work with ELCA. If they oppose the Gospel (justification by faith), and support the crimes of ELCA, they must be apostate themselves. Ditto LCMS and ELS.

I know many people of various confessions, who ask about this strange tolerance of abortion and gay activism, "How can stay in the same room with those people, let alone engage in religious projects of any kind?"

The rot spreads from the top. A few boards make sure their apostate buddies get the funds and the coveted positions.

In brief, if you donate to the ELS, WELS, or LCMS, you are supporting the ELCA agenda. If you pay for Thrivent products, you are funding ELCA, the Unitarian-Universalist Church, Habitat for Humanity, and the United Nations.

ELCA Malaria Campaign

ELCA Malaria Campaign Logo

Lutheran Malaria Initiative is Now ELCA Malaria Campaign
The ELCA, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the LWR had been approached by the United Nations Foundation and offered a grant of $5 million to develop a movement to prevent and treat, increase awareness and educate those at risk for malaria.  As part of the grant, the ELCA agreement was to raise $30 million out of a total Lutheran Malaria Initiative goal of $70 million by 2013.

UOJ makes work with ELCA as easy as a DMin from Fuller.