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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Swamp Fox Matters,
And History Is More Important Than Misleading Myths

I read this book when I was about 9, because my mother subscribed to
two series of books for us - and I devoured them all.
Landmark Books were biographies of historical figures.

We enjoy watching "Legends and Lies," a series on Fox where O'Reilly never seems to shout and offers edifying material.

Mrs. Ichabod said, "There is a show about a Southerner on Legend and Lies."

I said, "Swamp Fox?"

She said, startled, "How did you know? Gretta von Susteren did not know when O'Reilley asked her."

I answered, "I read the book, 60 years ago. His name was Marion, I think."

Washington crossed the Delaware to surprise
the hung-over German mercenaries.

Francis Marion was the first American military leader to apply guerrilla warfare to the battle against the British. He was so successful that his efforts were equal to George Washington's. The winter at Valley Forge and the surprise party for the Hessians on Christmas morning, 1776, the Battle of Trenton is part of collective memory, but Marion is often overlooked.

Absent Washington and Marion, it is doubtful America would have won its complete independence from the British. Today the Army Rangers model their force according to the principles advocated by Marion.

When Little Ichabod was growing up, we discussed history often. I had a Time Life series about WWII and a collection of battleship books. Our son had every military book he and I wanted, even actual Army books on understanding the M-60 tank. Movies were fun when Nazi equipment rolled by and he said with great scorn, "Those aren't German. Those are repainted American machines!"

LI's military knowledge got us invited to a live shoot of the 8 inch M110 self-propelled howitzer. All the kids and parents there were military, but when one asked the road speed of the howitzer, LI's arm shot up. He answered when the officer could not, "Forty miles per hour." The entire group laughed at the officer covering his face. He also answered the question about howitzer's being different from tanks - giving three reasons in a loud clear voice.

Later, when my wife worked at an engineering firm, Gulf War I broke out and they needed to know about Russian rockets, delivery modes, range, and accuracy. We had it all at home because military rockets are important too. The youngest person there, LI was the go-to guy for all the engineers with questions - and he shared his books. One engineer said to me, "This Gulf situation must be heaven for you and your son." I said, "Yes, it shows how study clarifies everything."

Troubling Fake History - Really Mythology - Synodical Conference

The official histories and tales told about the LCMS are so full of lies that I can hardly start.

SP Mark Schroeder, MDiv (Sausage Factory), solemnly declared that WELS has always been and continues to be an orthodox Lutheran denomination,

ELS members and pastors tell one another that they are far superior to WELS.

The LCMS imagines that Walther began Holy Mother Synod, graciously giving his bishop several options, even though an armed kidnapping is not considered "offering options" even today. But why tell the truth when myths are entertaining and motivating?

Unfortunately, the myths motivate the wrong actions and support false doctrine. Although Walther left the motherland as a fugitive from the law, he is portrayed as the leader of the Stephanite exodus, which only took place once the bishop was fired and placed under house arrest for his sexual abuse of multiple young women and his misuse of church funds.

Pietistic Church Growth gimmicks
thrived under the late Ralph Bohlmann,
the late Al Barry. They are on steroids
with Matt the Fat Harrison.