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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bishop-for-Life James Heiser: "Fellowship Is for Thee, Not for Me."

 Bishop-for-Life James Heiser, like Bishop Martin Stephan,
was made bishop by those who subordinated themselves to him,
the only clergy allowed to be ELDONAed.

Bishop-for-Life James Heiser frets about who goes to church where, although that is none of his business, outside of his little sect.  I will not dignify what his minions spread around, either in ignorance or malice. But perhaps he should extend the work of his consecrated and consecrating hands - to his own family.

Heiser's parents were communing members of a WELS congregation - shock - Pastor Steve Spencer's in Arizona. The parents recently left for another congregation - destination unknown.

Heiser's brother is Lutheran Brethren, yet another sect of Lutherdom. Three family units in three denomination is is quite a record. But that is diminished by the fact that his brother communed - shock - at Spencer's congregation.

From a 2008 post -

So ELDONA began as a protest against syncretism, which is being cosy with non-Christian groups, aka unionism on steroids, aka taking a world religion course at the community college.

Nevertheless, Heiser began a Center for the Study of Lutheran Orthodoxy with an ELCA layman on the board. Did the evil Texas DP force him? Did Benke mesmerize him? No, he said, "I had to - he bought so many books." That is a fine start for Lutheran orthodoxy. "Unionism is bad, unless I can sell more publications," as Otten has expressed in so many different ways.

Pastor Spencer wrote that no other WELS pastor will join Heiser's "cult," as he called it. That is most likely true. If ELDONA nicks a few more properties from the LCMS, the only gain will be large buildings with tiny memberships to support them.


Here is a tidbit about the Lutheran Confessional Synod, which is where Heiser started out -

The LCS was briefly in fellowship with WELS and ELS because it was the creation, in part, of Kincaid Smith and Jay Webber (both ELS). After the dust cleared, DeJaynes eventually joined the Eastern Orthodox and plead guilty to a criminal charge, as delineated in the Herald Review article. It was a sad, sad story. Needless to say, the LCS ceased to exist around the same time.

Rt. Rev. James Heiser, M.Div., S.T.M.
Bishop, the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America
718 HCR 3424 E
Malone, Texas 76660 


The parallels in leadership are eerie, especially
since the new Walther was an underling for Bishop Randy DeJaynes.
Walther also was very good at expropriating property he coveted.

At the recent What's Wrong with Ichabod ELDONA conference, held in the Holy City of Malone, Texas, there were many complaints and criticisms of what we do with streaming video (which Rydecki is exploring). I should apologize for making the Gospel available for free to the entire world, printed and broadcast on the Net! - because that is their job, though not attempted by ELDONA so far.

Their layman Vernon Knepprath wrote me about how to establish such a service, and I gave him all the information I could provide, which he appreciated.

Although ELDONA likes to have their books promoted on this blog - which can reach 4,500 average views per day - they banned my books without warning or notice. What did Rydecki complain about in WELS? - Justification by Faith was banned by imperious leaders. He was silenced, banned, and kicked out.

As Luther said, "Hypocrisy is the honor vice pays to virtue, but hypocrisy is still a sin."

Someone in ELDONA came up with this graphic,
which seems a bit self-important.
Pure doctrine - while they dithered with the Rolf Preus
UOJ sect?