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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bishop Shallow Unleashes the Three Types of Governance.
Watch the Tape Before They Erase It

I would apologize for using this creepy picture of Heiser,
but he used it himself for his profile.

A bold confession of faith in ELDONA by a founder.

ELDONA Pastor Josh Sullivan published the continuing revelation of Bishop-for-Life Heiser, ELDONA.

ELDONA organized in 2006. "The decision was made..." Sure. Heiser wanted to be a bishop and made sure his friends named him bishop-for-life.

This is what Pastor Martin Stephan arranged when his cult landed in New Orleans. Walther and others signed a document making Stephan bishop-for-life, certifying what was already true. Only those who submitted to Stephan in all matters could be in the leadership.  One pastor had to apologize to Stephan before he met the man.

"For the sake of good order..." is a mantra in ELDONA, which gives Heiser power over every detail. They even joke about it.

For those who were raised in abusive LCMS, WELS, or ELS congregations, this is just fine. Walther worship and pastoral abuse go hand-in-hand. Ft. Wayne specializes in teaching their graduates that they are the greatest. Everyone bow down to the priest, David Scaer would say.

Heiser has a great line about subscribing to the Book of Concord without teaching the Confessions of the Lutheran Church. And yet, he is the best example of ignoring the Chief Article. He did not even know the truth of Justification by Faith when he read Thy Strong Word in 2000. He was offended that anyone "denied Objective Justification" until he found out from TSW what Objective Justification really meant.

Heiser thought David Scaer at Ft. Wayne was a great dogmatics professor. Ha!

 Scaer is another mini-pope following the model of Stephan and Walther.
That is why so many Ft. Wayne graduates come out damaged
by his bad influence.
Examples: Paul McCain, James Heiser, Jar Jar Webber.

And yet Heiser was silent about Objective Justification, welcomed OJ pastors who acknowledged his glorious title, and refused to deal with the issue openly until Paul Rydecki saw the light (after publicly supporting OJ on the Intrepid Lutherans blog). Rydecki became a champion of Justification by Faith and DP Buchholz kicked him out for falling away from the Chief Dogma of WELS (see the idiotic essay by Frosty Bivens, plagiarizing Zarling's  sophomoric "Stand in Awe of Justification" (without faith).

Like most graduates of Concordia Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Heiser managed to get his diploma without knowing basic Biblical, Lutheran doctrine and what the Missouri Synod continues to teach opposing it - also a matter of public knowledge, filling the library at Ft. Wayne, summarized in the Brief Statement of 1932.

I imagine that when Heiser embraced the Rolf Preus Synod and began meeting with them - after he knew better - the Chief Article was reduced to an adiaphoron, a matter of indifference.

Readers will notice on the tape that Heiser used "whoever" correctly and then changed that to "whomever," which is never the subject of a relative pronoun clause. Thus the semi-educated seek to use pretentious English to appear more educated.

Minute and second mark - 8.26 "error...whomever (sic) is promulgating it."

There are so many ways to cover the Chief Article with smog,
or just ignore it.

Although ELDONA pretends to enjoy the purist form of fellowship, the union of opposing doctrines without settling their differences is proof of doctrinal indifference and unionism.

Some would object and say, "But now ELDONA has defended Justification by Faith and the Rolf Synod has scurried back to the ELS. You have slandered Holy Mother Diocese!"

Recent events and the various eructations of ELDONUTs have convinced me that the Chief Dogma of ELDONA is the infallibility and authoritarian rule of Bishop James Heiser, "for the sake of good order."

ELDONA pastors are told how they must conform to the most minute details of Heiser's demands in conducting worship.

As I have noticed before with characters like Jar Jar Webber, the more they pay attention to their Eastern Orthodox/Roman influences from Ft. Wayne, the less they care about sound doctrine, especially the Gospel.

The Episcopal Church USA is additional proof of high church people caring nothing about doctrine, though any form of church government can be subverted by greedy, power-mad, narcissistic leaders.

More could be said about the chit-chat interview. There is no Biblical foundation for the claims, but who needs that when they have the continuing revelation of Heiser? Notice on the tape that "voting" is bad in electing officials, without clearly stating that Heiser is following the examples of

  1. DeJaynes, his former bishop, 
  2. Martin Stephan, the first Lutheran bishop in America, and 
  3. Walther the Pope and Great Prophet of Missouri.