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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bold Confession at one ELDONUT Congregation.
"We Believe...the ELDONA Banner"

 Father Hudson is on the right.
For his confession of faith, email Bishop-for-Life Heiser.

What We Believe
At Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, we believe and accept:


GJ - This saves a lot of time when Bishop-for-Life Heiser changes his mind, after enjoying a new revelation from the throne of his heart. After all, he ignored the Chief Article for a decade or so, welcomed fellowship with UOJ fanatics like the Rolf Preus Synod and Eric Stefanski.

Then, with Paul Rydecki and a large church building came Justification by Faith.

Erasing a lot of text is a bother, and old pages can be called up with special software. Leaving the page blank and posting the banner is a great time-saver.

Father Stefanski is a crock ever full of himself.

Waiting for your sermon on husband of one wife, Richard.

ELDONA is the most Pietistic sect claiming the Lutheran name.
They have raised shunning to an art form.
Who else was the enforcer for a bishop-for-life in the good, old days?
And coveted the property of others, then grabbed it?
And ruled like a pope?
ELDONUTs are the true Waltherians.