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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Luther Days Anonymous Tip

Natalie Pratt on her Facebook page, now erased.
There is a lot of erasing in her life, like her blogs.


I wonder what would happen to Luther Days/Natalie if her involvement with WELS Documented and Shattered Pulpit blogs came to light.....

 What would Paul Kuske say?



GJ - Natalie erased her Shattered Pulpit and WELS Documented blogs. They had very high ratings because she bought services that phonied up the stats.

Some parts of those blogs are still copied in this one. Various people wonder how much can be believed from Natalie Pratt, including her "near death experiences" with cancer.

Funny how she met with SP Mark Schroeder and suddenly had  the Biggest Lutheran Festival in North America, an official link from - still there - and funding from the synod.

Schroeder's leadership has resulted in a surplus of weirdness, including the Ministry of the Odd Couple, who will be there at Luther Days to sell their books and listen to your secrets. Don't worry, Scott only talks about them on Facebook.