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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Poor Little David Becker - Logic Escapes Him.
Christian News Going Out with a Whimper

David Becker is offended that I use Marquart and Otten quotes on the back of the last two editions of
Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant.

He failed to mention that Otten orders CLP regularly - and has - ever since the book was published.

Becker reminds me of WELS calling me a "false teacher" and selling two of my books. Below is their current catalog online.

Books  :  Religious Resources  :  Other Religions  :  Catholic Lutheran Protestant

Catholic Lutheran Protestant 15-4450 9780615166353
Catholic Lutheran Protestant 15-4450 9780615166353

Catholic Lutheran Protestant

A Doctrinal Comparison of Three Christian

Author: Gregory Jackson

"The purpose of this book has been to provide a way for people to understand, study and discuss three distinctive Christian confessions." The book is divided into three sections: Part One, Areas of Agreement; Part Two, Areas of Partial Agreement; and Part Three, Complete Disagreement. Papercover. 299 pages.
Catalog Item Number: OL-154450
Price: $ 22.00

Otten was offended by the graphic, with him posing as the Pope. I was offended that he promoted a vicious, lying book against Martin Luther for one of his Reformation issues.

Otten, who always demands answers when he emails LCMS officials, would not answer why he was selling that garbage. I emailed him several times. No answer. Finally, he responded to someone else, "I sell to both sides of the issue."

Likewise, he promoted and sold Marquart's essay against Church Growth - and published many of mine, which were free. But Otten gave David Valleskey a rave review for We Believe - Therefore We Speak, and sold it as a doctrinal book. The Valleskey book is a tangle of Universal Objective Justification and Church Growth methods.

Jackson to Otten - "Did you read the last half of the Valleskey book?"

Otten, "No."

Walther's qualifications as the Great Prophet of All Christendom are this:

  • He graduated from a rationalistic university with a bachelor's degree.
  • He participated in Pietistic groups and followed two Pietistic gurus.
  • He became the enforcer for Bishop Martin Stephan, STD, his second Pietistic leader.
  • He looked the other way when Stephan pursued young girls and made them his sex slaves, preferring his main one at the spa to his wife, who walked there to help him with his disease.
  • He led the group that stole Stephan's gold, land, and books, and kidnapped the bishop at gunpoint, because the leader's syphilis became known among his female groupies.

Otten continues to repeat the Missouri Synod myths that have deceived so many, clinging to the dogmas of Walther rather than the Biblical teaching of Martin Luther.