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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Question on Adult Education Classes

One reader asked about what I use for adult education. Luther preached for an hour at a time and advised pastors, "If you cannot preach that long, preach 30 minutes." Now the standard is 10 minutes of fluff copied from the Net." Therefore, Luther combined preaching the Gospel with doctrinal and Biblical lessons.

No wonder the modern Lutherans are copying from Captain Billy's Whiz Bang - or the equivalent thereof. Many Lutheran pastors cannot define their own doctrine, apart from memorized and confused bits from the talking points in Dog Class.

First of all, I feature one or more Luther's sermons for the Sunday in the historic lectionary year - no papal readings for us. I publish those weekly on Facebook and this blog.

Secondly, I quote from that Luther sermon during my sermon. I have used Lenski a lot and will use Lenski more in the future.

The adult class is either going through a book of the Bible, verse by verse, or a section of the Book of Concord.

Here are three books others have used for adult classes or confirmation:

Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant

Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure

Jesus, Priceless, Treasure - An Introduction to the Christian Faith

Soon all three will be on Amazon and Kindle.