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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Reviewing CN 8-22-2016. Otten Praises the False Teacher Reuel Schultz, RIP, WELS Church Growth Enthusiast.
Want the Same Treatment from Otten? Attend Fuller Seminary!

"For several years I've been a Pete Wagner fan. Although I don't see eye to eye with him on many important theological points (he approves of faith healing and speaking in tongues as long as it promotes church growth and he comes from a Billy Graham decision for conversion doctrinal background), he is the most eloquent spokesman of the Church Growth Movement. A prolific author on mission/evangelism/church growth subjects, Wagner is also an excellent teacher and a crystal clear writer." 
Pastor Reuel J. Schulz The Evangelism Life Line (WELS) Winter, 1980.

"The publication TELL ('The Evangelism Life Line') has been inaugurated to promote the cause of church growth." Ernst H. Wendland, "Church Growth Theology," Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly, April, 1981, 78, p. 105.

Schulz was famous for his Fuller Seminary, Church Growth Enthusiasm.
The first eleven pages of this issue contain some of the many writings of one of the WELS’ finest pastors and writers. Read what Pastor Reuel Schulz wrote and judge for yourself. Northwestern should now publish “A Pastor’s Role Model” with the writings of Reuel Schulz. Right now CN is working on a book titled “Back to the Bible, Luther, and ‘Old Missouri’ – The Writings of Raymond Surburg.” Northwestern has far more help and resources than CN to publish the writings of Reuel Schulz. In an age when far too many computer literate pastors spend little time visiting both members and the unchurched it would be helpful for them to read what the brilliant, courageous, well informed, bold and humorous Reuel Schulz has written.

The Wit and Wisdom of Fuller UOJ Pastors - 
One of Reuel Schulz’s humorous comments on p. 3 mentions the “GJ Church.” CN’s review of Thy Strong Word by Gregory Jackson, Ph.D., who at one time was considered the WELS’s whiz kid, is still on the growing pile of material prepared to publish for which CN has not yet had space. Finances prohibit adding more pages. Hopefully it will appear next week. Jackson writes: “We now belong to the largest synod of all, the 5,000,000 people who are Lutherans but refuse to attend the synodical franchise congregations. Some of us have started independent congregations” (ii). “Do the LCMS, WELS, ELS, and CLC leaders ever imagine that their jealousy, spite, envy, and peevishness have driven the synod into the ground?” (477). “Christian News has been a spectacular failure” (509). “Once Ylvisaker and the Preus brothers were gone, the ELS had no intellectual leadership” (510).

And here is the bon mot from WELS Pastor Schulz, apparently from 2000 -

“Thanks for printing all my articles about our mission in Grenada. So nice of you: “Best regards and God bless you, RJS “P.S. Have you heard about the new church in Arizona, the GJ Church, with one member who has a tough time getting along with himself. G for either God or Greg. J for either Jesus or Jackson."


GJ - If Schulz had spent some time checking out his facts, he would not have made a fool of himself in print. Church Growth dogma has dominated WELS for a long time. But why would Otten exhume this typical WELS misfire as an example of wit?

Our congregation has pioneered streaming video for live and saved worship services, which are viewed around the world. So far we have 14,500 views. The sermons are recorded live and also published via this blog - with a Luther sermon each week.

This blog has 4.8 million total views, with the highest number going to a Luther quote - the object of Ichabod - to promote Luther's doctrine.

Herman Otten does not like to reminded of his ecumenical twists, his need to have SP candidates fawn over him until they are safely in office, at which point he says his latest Sycophant President "must go."

I would much rather read about Harrison singing "The Ballad of Herman Otten" before being elected the first time - not much later, after being enthroned in his office with a princely salary.

I would love to see Herman Otten finally teach the Chief Article of the Christian Faith rather than the dogma of Halle University, Universal Objective Justification.

Otten the politician has the same faults as the Synod Presidents he promotes and then disdains. He has no grasp of Lutheran doctrine, promotes Church Growth, and tries to silence anyone who disagrees.

Here is a brief review of crimes covered up in Christian News by not reporting them or - at best - burying them on page 17 (Hochmuth).