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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Report of the Twelve - From 2012

"Be it further resolved...
What do you mean, one of us went to state prison?
And the Director of Communications did what?"

Time of Grace
The convention last summer acknowledged that the situation with Time of Grace and its status as a “Recognized Service Organization” (RSO) of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS) was a source of some concern and confusion. The convention encouraged Time of Grace in its ministry of gospel proclamation; at the same time it expressed support for the Southeastern Wisconsin District presidium in its continuing efforts to bring the matter to a God-pleasing resolution.

The Southeastern Wisconsin District presidium reported its progress to the COP in October 2011. On the basis of conversations with Time of Grace and the LCMS official in charge of RSOs, the Southeastern Wisconsin District presidium reported to the COP that it determined that the relationship was not a violation of fellowship principles, since the LCMS and Time of Grace understood the wording in the RSO definition to mean something different than the words say. It was the understanding of Time of Grace that the publicly stated requirements for an RSO to be in agreement with LCMS doctrine and practice and to commit to fostering the mission and ministry of the LCMS did not really mean what a WELS person would understand the words to mean, and that the LCMS was making no requirements of Time of Grace to alter its message to conform in any way to LCMS doctrinal positions.

"Guard and protect the rot we have passed down to you,
thou founder of Church and Change."

In spring 2012, the Southeastern Wisconsin District presidium, along with President Mark Schroeder, met with leaders of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod to clarify how the LCMS defines and understands the Recognized Service Organization status. The LCMS explained that the published guidelines defining the relationship are intended to be used by the LCMS in evaluating organizations for this status and that the guidelines do not require an organization to change its message or its program to comply. It was this understanding that led Time of Grace and the presidium of the Southeastern Wisconsin District to conclude that the RSO status did not represent a violation or compromise of biblical fellowship principles.

The LCMS officials also reported that they are currently in the process of reviewing the entire RSO program with the intention of developing new requirements and guidelines. From what was said, the new guidelines may include requirements that would make it no longer possible for a WELS organization to have RSO status. Once those requirements have been adopted, Time of Grace has indicated that it will evaluate what is being required and take the appropriate steps.

Patterson's outreach to gangs has yielded these recent converts.


Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "Wisconsin Lutheran College - Paul Kelm's Latest Ch...":

They would be more honest to maintain the mantra of their Synod Leader, Mark Jeske WELS/ELS/LCMS/ELCA, and refer to their group as Change Or Die.

Noticed that Jeff Gunn continues to teach (W)ELS sheep following his 2011 Youth Rally pied pipering:
Establishing a Vision for the Future, with Buy-In
Pastor Jeff Gunn of Cross Walk Church in Phoenix

As difficult as it may be to say, it's getting hard to think of (W)ELS leadership as crassly impotent and simply come away with the conclusion that they are intentionally enabling the New Age Emergent false teachers to lead their churches glibly into the Last Days.

Buckets of shame they heap upon themselves, from clergy worshiping with Baptists and Methodists, clergy learning evangelism from Satanic New Age motivational speakers, financing ELCA called worker abortions through Thrivent, financing the New World Order religion, the UN's United Religions Initiative (URI) through Thrivent, Change or Die seminars given by Synod cross dresser and (W)ELS Media celebrity Pastor Mark Jeske, unconditionally forgiven homosexual child pedophile (W)ELS Communications Director Hochmuth ...


GJ - Hochmuth's name does not appear in the report. Remember how Schroeder and Otten went Medieval on me about the MLC gay video? Otten apologized to WELS for printing the truth. Soon after the Hochmuth scandal broke and page-reads doubled for a long, long time. The video continued to be posted on Facebook on its own page. Now it is gone, but replaced by two more copies posted by fans. Here is a message posted on that page:

A request from one of the originators of the video, and from all the guys in the video...I don't know who the administrator of this group is, or who created it, but it's time to get rid of this group, especially since the video is still posted on it. The video was removed from YouTube for a reason...because we didn't want the video open to public viewing. It puts those of us in the video in a bad light, and we don't want it posted anywhere, anymore. So please, if you are the administrator, or know who the administrator is, please remove this page and the video from Facebook. Thank you!

One comment below:
Hank Williams hmmm and when did that happen? After Hochmuth was arrested for distributing child porn? You should really think how your actions can lead others into sin ans stop hiding behind the 8th commandment. No one would have anything to say if you'd used your other head and thought through what the ramifications were goig to be. And BTW it doesn't just put you in a bad light - it harms MLC and WELS. No shortage of stupid here?! Right.

Troy Schreiner You're right, sir. It was a mistake. It doesn't make it an excuse that it was a dumb thing we did in college, and we didn't think it through. It was a poor decision, and we now regret it, which is why we've been working to get it taken off of every public venue since it first happened. We have repented and asked for forgiveness for what we did and haven't "hidden behind the 8th commandment" at all. It does put our school and our synod in a bad light....which I reiterate is why we're trying to get rid of it, so it isn't available for people to see anymore. As I said, we've apologized, we've repented, and we've been forgiven by our God and by those we've apologized to. Hope you can do the same, Mr. Williams.


GJ - Obviously people made copies of the video and it will never go away. Martin Luther College is completely lacking in faculty supervision. The college students were angered that I posted objections to their gay plagiarism and they grudgingly said they would forgive me! The objections came from WELS members and several WELS pleas are still on that special FB page of theirs.

SP Schroeder's claim in Christian News that the video was taken down is ridiculous for anyone under nursing home age. The video was linked to many different gay websites, and the people they copied were flattered by the imitation.

The MLC guys should apologize for lying about not knowing the original was a gay video. That also seems to come from the locked ward of the nursing home. "Hey Maude, look at those Lutheran boys dancing around like girls."

One person on the FB page asked:

Did they steal your idea for this vid? It's remarkably similar. Also, it's odd that FIP is a gay retreat camp, isn't it?
1 ·  · 

Anita Hardkak or like a gay beach?


Adolph Hoenecke has left a new comment on your post "Report of the Twelve Apostles, WELS. Glad They Wer...":

..."did not really mean what a WELS person would understand"... "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is"-Bill Clinton. When did Bill Clinton become WELS?