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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Reviewing the August 8, 2016 Christian News
Reading CN So You Don't Have To

Ralph Bohlmann is the only LCMS Synod President
to have a real PhD and be a life-long Missouri member.

I wrote the complete article on July 28, 2016
and most will not see it in CN until August 8th.
For fast results, read Ichabod, The Glory Has Departed
 This is an all-Lutheran sport.
Even those like Herman Otten join the sport.

This is another Bohlmann issue for Christian News, which backed his candidacy. Bohlmann was one of the remaining professors at Concordia St. Louis when most of them walked out and formed Seminex, the Seminex students gallantly and dramatically walking out with them, only to return for the next meal. Really!

This issue is more about Bohlmann's daughter, who married a woman and became a UCC minister working with the Unitarian-Universalists.

You know what is coming mext, don't you?

The LCMS, when it planted its flag in 1932, with the Brief Statement, also allied itself with the Universalists, claiming falsely that God declared the entire world righteous (justified) and simply listed some Biblical citations that revealed the opposite to anyone who could read.

David Becker, remarkably unqualified to write on Lutheran topics, has a lot of stuff on Bohlmann's daughter, which is rather odd, since Ralph was Synod President and a temporary ally of Herman Otten.

No one wants to talk about that matter at all. Or about Barry, Otten, and Paul McCain.

Or about Harrison, Otten, and Paul McCain. I blame Otten for promoting these bad Synod Presidents, though I appreciate Jack Preus - another temporary Otten friend - for moving Missouri away from apostate mainline Protestantism for a while.

Nor do they discuss the decline of the Missouri Synod, WELS, and ELS after they made the Brief Statement of 1932 their Holy of Holies, their Rosetta Stone for all doctrine, with the dogma of the Synodical Conference's sex criminal founder, Bishop Martin Stephan, STD, engraved on the hearts of the foolish, naive, and Biblically ignorant.

Forster's statement is demonstrably true,
so Walther was another opportunist,
another enable of Stephan's sex and money follies,
not the knight riding in on a white charger
to teach the Pure Doctrine.
Walther, loved, loved, loved, UOJ.