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Friday, September 23, 2016

Veterans Honor Rose - For a Veteran's Funeral

 Veterans Honor Rose

Our neighbor's stepfather died, so we attended his funeral yesterday. We know his step-sons better, and one is a former Army Ranger. They took care of their mother at home, and she passed away two years ago.

We knew he was a veteran but did not know his record. He was a Green Beret, who served five tours in Viet Nam, and was afterwards based around the world. He was MAC-SOG in Viet Nam - or "a cowboy in the Wild West," as his stepson said. He died 100% disabled.

Between the Green Beret and his Army Ranger stepson, we never heard tales or heroism. That is so typical of military heroes. They enjoy telling funny stories about their service, but they do not boast. My wife said, "Not many were there, but two were ministers." I said, "Three. A VA chaplain was sitting next to me, too."

I cut some roses for the family and found a beautiful Veterans Honor rose in perfect bloom. Wednesday was watering day, so Thursday I had many new blooms in the main rose garden. The vase was near the VA chaplain as he spoke and read the Scriptures. The colors of the vase of roses seemed lit from within, but the Veterans Honor rose, facing the podium outshone them all.

After the gathering at the family home, we walked home, just a few houses away. Another Veterans Honor rose was showing off its perfect bloom near our front door.

We like Mr. Lincoln for its growth and blooms, but there is nothing like a Veterans Honor rose. Mrs. Ichabod says, "They look like red velvet," and their form is perfect.

Besides the fragrance and long-lasting beauty when cut, the Veterans Honor rose reminds us of the sacrifices of all those in the military, past and present - and that includes their families.

 Another view of Veterans Honor

Someone won a prize at a rose show.
I like to distribute the blooms to friends and doctors,

so I never have three together like this.