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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Confidential to Jay Webber, Herman Otten, Jon-Boy Buchholz, Mark Schroeder, Paul McCain, Jack Cascione, Rolf Preus, Matt Harrison, Paul Tiefel, and the UOJ Chorus - Have You Ever Read Chemnitz' Justification?

We had another doctor's visit, so I grabbed Chemnitz' Justification, The Chief Article of Christian Doctrine, translated by Otten's former and sainted pal Jack Preus.

The more I read this slender volume (again), the more I wonder -

Have You Ever Read Chemnitz' Justification? - Jay Webber, Herman Otten, Jon-Boy Buchholz, Mark Schroeder, Paul McCain, Jack Cascione, Rolf Preus, Matt Harrison, Paul Tiefel, Pope John the Malefactor, and the UOJ Chorus?

Every time one of these jackals responds to this topic, he reveals that the answer is a thunderous "NO!"

What is this book? It is taken from Chemnitz' lectures (Loci) on the standard Melanchthon doctrinal book of the time, updating the controversies and adding many useful details. This volume actually edits out many of Chemnitz' discursive additions. The plan of the book is having Melanchthon's text followed by Chennitz' explanations on the same topic.

A Locus (plural, Loci) is a topic in theology, so this is a book published about one topic - Justification, by two of Luther's students, Melanchthon and Chemnitz. Martin Chemnitz had the distinction of studying under both Reformers and uniting the warring factions of Lutherdom after Luther's death.

In other words, this little volume is not only a treasure of Lutheran Biblical scholarship, but a primary document of the Reformation and the Book of Concord era.

"Aha!' some of the Walther lick-spittles will say, "but the title is Justification,  not Justification by Faith." So true, and yet that rejoinder is the cornerstone of UOJ pratfalls galore. There was no need to modify the topic's name, because no one but the heretic Huber (kicked out of Wittenberg) was teaching Justification without Faith.

Trains used to have signs that said, "No spitting," but banks did not. Does that mean banks allowed spitting on the floor or - that spitting was a habit unknown in the marbled palaces and polished floors of commerce?"

Justification always meant "by faith" when named during the Reformation, just as it does in the Bible.

False teachers like Bivens and Zarling in WELS use the term Justification, and the accolades attributed to Justification by Faith, and then define it as Justification without Faith. But that is a patently obvious bait-and-switch, from the actual meaning of the term to the Wisconsin sect's favorite hobby horse, in fact their only dogma. The ELS dimwits say, "Me too, I mean, us too."

Anyone who reads this little book knows that the term Justification is always used as Justification by Faith, whether by Melanchthon or Chemnitz. But wait, there's more.

Two small chapters, by Melanchthon and Chemnitz alike, deal with the term Justification and also with the term Faith. Both are worth careful study and reflection.

This above all should be noted - Luther, Melanchthon, Chemnitz, and the rest - all of them cited their opponents' arguments when stating the truths of the Word of God. No one in that era could get away with the addled UOJ hectoring of today. The UOJ toadies never even hint at what they are undermining, because their work is 100% deception:

  • They pretend to be Biblical, but they oppose the Scriptures completely.
  • They call themselves Luther-ans, but they are Luther-hating rationalists.
  • They cite the Pietists (Rambach, Quistorp - Webber) and call those men "Orthodox Lutherans."
  • They quote Walther, but omit his lack of education (BA only) and his adherence to Pietism.
  • They place their hands on the Book of Concord, but despise its clear message of the efficacy of the Word in the Means of Grace.
  • They celebrate the Reformation by selling cheap, offensive trinkets, instead of promoting this brilliant CPH volume by Otten's former pal and Missouri's former Synod President.
  • They (LCMS-ELS-CLC-WELS) claim to be united by UOJ, but cannot call it false doctrine or the foundational dogma of ELCA, their bedmate.
  • They produce endless essays and tomes without merit and run off to degree mills so they can call one another Doctor and Graduate Student.
  • They conveniently forget that their real founder, the linchpin of the Synodical Conference, was a lying, poorly educated (no degree at all), syphilitic monster who left Europe when arrested, followed by Walther who ran from the police while kidnapping his own niece and nephew.