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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Falling in Love - For Another College Couple Getting Married

I had plenty of roses when I was teaching nearby at Ecclesia College. I dropped them off when I arrived to teach a class.

A staffer in the registrar's office kept asking about a pink, fragrant rose that she loved. I did not know the name because I planted eight different roses from a TV special. All were new names to me, so I was not sure and waited for that one to bloom again. New roses bloom fast but the second bloom can take some time.

One rose did not seem to make it, so I was digging it up. The little tag appeared as I lifted it - Falling in Love. The plant was still alive, so I took care of it. When the bloom appeared, it was pink and white, fragrant.

Later I realized the staffer loved the rose because she was engaged to be married. We enjoyed going to her wedding.

When we expanded the main rose garden, I asked my wife which rose she wanted all the way across, so we had more of one type. She said, "Falling in Love," so I planted them across, East to West.

Two of my students at the college are getting married soon, so I cut two Falling in Love roses pictured above, for Ruth and Bear.