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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Morning Coffee, News, and Weather

Judging the posts - they must not be from ELCA
or the Synodical Conference,
or a branch of Eastern Orthodoxy.

I said to one reader, "If you are looking up old posts from the blog, you are changing what gets re-posted, because I look for those each morning and publish old ones." He laughed and now I just see the latest posts being read over the last two hours.

That may be more likely due to when I look over the statistics. Sometimes the overnight views are very high - over 2,000.

When I am drinking coffee in morning, I look at the weather and the news. Yesterday I made sure all the main plants were watered - with stored rainwater for the favorite roses  and White Profusion Butterfly Bush.

We had beautiful weather yesterday, sunny with cool breezes. The wind was steady enough that I decided to offset the drying effect with watering. Now I see heavy thunderstorms predicted for today.

The trees are still green and full of leaves, so I hope a heavy storm will move my neighbors to bag their falling leaves. We have been harvesting pine needles for the Hosta garden. When I walk Sassy, I harvest even more needles from the street. They flow toward our house on the rainwater and stop in little clumps of long, dry, friendly needles. If the needles work to suppress grass around the maple, then we can stop mulching so much there.

Meanwhile, the roses are doing well in the front yard. They all seem to take turns showing off, with orange Easy Does It blooming the most. I should have some new photos this morning.

 Reading the news each morning...