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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Another Broadside against Lutheran Doctrine - November 7, 2016 Christian News Still in Bed with Church Growth and Universal Salvation without Faith

Northwestern Publishing House is cashing in on the Reformation's 500th Anniversary, with a book filled with Anti-Lutheran, Anti-Christian authors, including retired Rabbi John Brug above.

The Table of Contents says:

  • Preface, Mark G. Schroeder, high school principal turned PR flack for Mark Jeske.
  • In Trembling Hands! - With What Spirit Shall We Celebrate the Reformation?, Mark G. Zarling. Marky Mark thinks UOJ is the Chief Article of Christianity!
  • The Lutheran Reformation, the Conservative Reformation, John M. Brenner. Installed at Mordor after having his doctrinal spine removed.
  • Luther and the Biblical Canon, Joel D. Fredrich. Loves the NIV.
  • Luther on Infant Baptism, Charles L. Cortright. Another Quisling trying to stay alive. 
  • Luther and Fellowship: The Courage to Break and the Courage to Be Patient, John F. Brug. Otten's handler at Mordor. Valleskey's protector. Luther's enemy. 
  • Luther as a Pastor to Pastors, David J. Valleskey. Mr. Fuller Seminary on days when he is honest. The rest of the time - Oh no! UOJ all the way.
  • The Lutheran Influence on Education, Paul T. Prange. Architect of the demise of WELS education. 
  • Matthew Flacius and the Persistence of Genuine Lutheranism, Wade R. Johnston. Former Roman Catholic. Former ELCA, apparently. Finally gets to publish his Central Michigan U. dissertation. 
  • A Lutheran Look at the New Perspective on Paul, Paul O. Wendland. The Church Growther who delivered Mordor to the New NIV. Congratulations.
  • The Enduring Uniqueness of the Lutheran Reformation, Daniel M. Deutschlander. Luther and the Concordists would have been UOJists if they had Daniel's unique insights on doctrine, church history, and tomfoolery.
 Pentecostal Wagner was right about this.
Otten thinks that Fuller Seminary fan Reuel Schulz was the ideal pastor,
even though Reuel praised Wagner in print.
However, WELS-LCMS-ELS-CLC (sic) agree on one thing,
hating out or excommunicating anyone who criticizes Church Growth.
News note on Wagner - he is finally dead.

Christian News promotes an odd agenda, criticizing ELCA and Missouri for kissing up to the Church of Rome while doing the same Church of Rome in his publications. He seems to be buddy of the Roman conservatives who do not like the homosexual leaders of their church being promoted and protected. But Otten will not hear of that going on in his own corner of Christendom - the LCMS and WELS. When I told the truth about the same hi-jinks in his favorite Lutheran markets, he apologized to WELS, John Brug, and apparently the entirely lavender mafia in Lutherdom. 

The current issue has two uncritical articles about Catholic conservatives, Likoudis and Rueda. Otten has some Vatican news too. 

Cross-dressing and publishing the photos is a thing
at Martin Luther College, WELS.
So many enablers of apostasy in the LCMS and WELS,
so little time to cover them all.