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Monday, November 21, 2016

Planting Morning Glory Vines for Next Year

 By 歌川広重 - 東京都立図書館,
Public Domain,

I am going to plant Morning Glory vines the way Mr. Gardener did last year, drop the old vines with their seeds along the fence in back. I asked him how he got such a great stretch of Morning Glories this spring.

He said, "I hope you don't mind." I told him how much I enjoyed the flowers and vines as a backdrop to the roses I planted there.

"I just pulled all the vines off the tower and left them there along the fence."

Now our neighbor with all the pine needles wants those vines too, so I will drop off a box of withered, seedy vines for her to leave along her back fence.

My actual work project involves digging in a bag of Grape Hyacinths, which are ill-named. They bear no grapes and are not Hyacinths, but they have the urge to spread on their own and keep their blooms and color a long time in the spring.

 By Opioła Jerzy (Poland) - Own work, CC BY 2.5,

A previous resident planted Violets, which are good for butterflies, and Grape Hyacinths, which are persistent and beautiful. The flowers remind me that all land is rented for a time, even if we have a mortgage. We do our part and someone else enjoys our contributions.

Someone asked, "Do you rent?" I thought I "owned" three times before, but those were rentals too.

Our lives are rented too. We get to enjoy the blessings and challenges of life for a time and move on to eternal life, where everything is fulfilled for those who believe in Christ.

Today I am going to start writing straight through on the rose garden, start to finish, for the Creation Gardening book. Some misapprehend it as a gardening book, perhaps because of the title, but the subtitle is All Things Were Made by Him. Therefore it is another book on the efficacy of the Word, using the garden and nature for examples. I think there is a precedent for that.

One pastor, who promoted himself to bishop, seemed embarrassed that I wrote about earthworms in The Wormhaven Gardening Book. Perhaps he missed the connection between Creation by the Word in six days and everything that follows in the Scriptures. From Creation to the New Creations (believers) everything is accomplished by the Word of God. Along the way, earthworms do their part for all plant and animal life.

In sales and in teaching, abstract concepts are best taught with concrete examples, even better when people can experience them with all their senses - no matter what the circumstances.

Mention roses and people can smell the fragrance. Even better, turn the front yard into roses and beneficial bug plants.

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