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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Great Book Exchange Today - Facilitated by This Blog Nobody Reads

 "I didn't get a book yet!"

This either happened today or is in the process of being fulfilled.

One member had boxes of great Lutheran books. Two readers who love the great classics - but are short of them - got one box each.

One of those readers sent a set of Lenski to the other reader, because of the offer of a free Lenski set, which was accepted.

A third reader missed out on Lenski but was sent a number of my books in print, whcih he wanted. They were part of the boxes of free books donated by our member.

A reader in Utah, Missouri Synod, was sent three copies each of Introduction to the Christian Faith and Making Disciples. Earlier she received the big set of Luther's Sermons, 7 volumes, including Postils, which are hard to find at the moment.

One of our members had 50 new copies of The Lutheran Hymnal, and Mr. Lenski Magnet's congregation will receive those.

Regular listeners sent a Luther quotation book in German. My wife and I can both read German, but we decided to give it to our German cousin, the widow of Army veteran Peter Ellenberger, who recently died. Christina inscribed it. We traveled to the South Bend, Indiana area twice to see them and have a service of Holy Communion.

Members and non-members send gifts so that books can be shipped to those who want them, whether they are relatively rare Lutheran books or books I have written. Some of this goes on all the time, but this happened all at once this time.

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