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Friday, November 18, 2016

Bishop James Heiser Contradicted Himself, Reformation, 2008 -
In the True Spirit of the Pietistic, Rationalistic Synodical Conference

Pastors Steve Brockdorff and Rolf Preus posed with the
Right Reverend Bishop James Heiser for this
October 2008 issue of the Salem, Malone, Newsletter.
The totally UOJ Rolf Synod worshiped and studied
with the ELDONUTs until Pastor Paul Rydecki joined
from the Intrepid WELSians.
ID - Brockdorff has the Roman collar on the left,
Heiser has the lavender Roman shirt.
Preus has the Sears-Roebuck shirt, husky size.

How much error can be tolerated in the Church? How much false doctrine?” This was one of the questions posed to me by a pastor of the ACLC during our recent meeting at Reformation LutheranChurch in Hillsboro, Oregon. 

I have to admit, the question took my breath away for a moment. I’ve gotten used to listening to wavering ‘Lutheran’ pastors ask that sort of question (although usually such people will speak in terms of “wrestling” with some new false teaching, or defend their doctrinal ambivalence with code words such as “toleration” and talking about “gray areas” of Scripture). So, this question, especially coming up where and when it did, set me back for a second.

“None,” I replied, thankful that every pastor in the room understood that this was the right— indeed the only—answer God’s Word allows. 
Our forefathers in the faith concluded the Book of Concord (1580) with the pledge: “Therefore in the sight of God and of all Christendom, to those now living and those who shall come after us, we wish to testify that the above declaration, concerning all the controverted articles presented and explained, and no other, is our faith, doctrine, and confession, in which we also will appear, by God’s grace, with unterrified hearts before the judgment-seat of Jesus Christ, and for it will give an account. We also will neither speak nor write, privately or publicly, anything contrary to this declaration, but, by the help of God’s grace, intend to abide thereby. After mature deliberation we have, in God’s fear and with the invocation of His name, attached our signatures with our own hands.” (Jacobs, p. 671)

GJ - My question remains - why did Heiser realize the error of UOJ when he read Thy Strong Word - and sold it on his website, 2000 AD, and yet form a union with the thoroughly UOJ Rolf Synod.

Another UOJ fanatic, Rolf's brother, the late Klemet Preus, was president of Higher Things when Heiser spoke there in 2004 (see the Salem newsletter). As I mentioned before, Higher Things remains firmly in the grip of UOJ.

This is why I object to Lutheran nitwits running around having big debates about trivia while ignoring the Chief Article - Justification by Faith - which most Protestants seem to understand and believe from hearing the Word of God  and studying the Book of Concord.

Was the pivot to Justification by Faith simply to capture the Rydecki church property?