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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Lutheran Collapse Began with the UOJ and Kicking the KJV to the Curb

 Only one WELS DP spoke out against the NIV,
and Kudu Don Patterson, Church and Changer,
replaced him.

Universal Objective Justification began rapid the descent of the Olde Synodical Conference, because the leaders instilled and protected a radical apostate spirit.

A WELS veteran told me about the new graduates of Mordor, long ago, trashing the KJV every chance they could get. That is the modus operandi of all the mainlines, to pick apart one thing to sneak the agenda inside their denomination. They elevate their cause as the noblest, most God-pleasing insight since Creation and hide the net effects of their agitation.

Univesalsim, in the form of UOJ, is the last fetid belch of Pietism. All the mainlines share the same DNA on this issue. Halle University and Schleiermacher are the turning points in modern theology, where faith-without-belief became the norm. Read the Social Gospel Lectures of Rauschenbusch at Yale, or any other specimen of modern theology:

  • Miracles are not miracles.
  • Jesus is a man but not the Incarnation.
  • He died on the cross to show solidarity with the oppressed.
  • His disciples imagined He rose from the dead.
  • The Christian Church must redeem society.
  • The Gospel is telling people they are already saved.
The "great ones" teach the same thing - Barth, Tillich, Bishop James Pike.

 This is how apostates hide.
Just ask a few questions.

As the children of an earlier generation have said, their parents and teachers and congregations taught Justification by Faith. This comes from WELS and the LCMS, but not UOJ is the Chief Article - as Fulleroid Frosty Bivens Pastor-without-Parish Paul McCain both teach, with an NIV in one claw and an axe in the other.

We were on the KJV - why the digression? The change to modern translations was a doctrinal agenda - and the apostates won. A trio of frauds began this - Wescott, Hort, and Tischendorf. They are behind the all the modern texts of the Bible with their stance of finding - with their own delusional theories - the "true text of the New Testament."

The alternatives are simple - either accept the traditional text of the Christian Byzantine Empire, which lasted 1100 years, preserving Greek and classical culture - or the constantly changing text voted on by modern frauds who follow the original Three Stooges of text science -  Wescott, Hort, and Tischendorf.

One of the Wescott/Hort rules is hilariously simple - "the more difficult text is the better one." But more difficult for whom? Answer - more difficult for the Christian believer. Thus the nonsense of Wescott/Hort became an engine for turning apostasy into the actual, genuine, scientific text of the New Testament. 

Add to this the manuscripts that Tischendorf discovered on his own - Sinaiticus and Vaticanus. We know more about Obama's parents than the lineage of these two, but Tischendorf said they were the best! Since hardly anyone studies the texts at all (once my dream), 99.9% of all clergy and professors can easily be fooled.

This approach caught on almost a century ago, in spite of the popularity of the King James Bible and its constant sales. As new translations were introduced as great money-makers for the promoters, it became necessary for the leaders to snipe at the KJV and talk about how difficult it was for everyone. No mention was made of its link to Tyndale, and Tyndale's work within the Lutheran Reformation. 

 Apostates will sit down and talk any time.

The classic, old NIV, which no longer exists, was ridiculously sloppy, but the LCMS and WELS participated in the unionistic effort and declared - It was good.

The New NIV was created on top of the NIV, with some of the same clowns backing it, and LCMS-WELS declared - It was very good.

The old NIV did not insert UOJ into Romans 3, but the New NIV has done it.

Romans 3 - New NIV - There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. 

But now the denominations are forbidden to quote the old NIV or print books based on the old NIV. The Biblegate NIV website, with so many translations available, once included the old NIV and gave its date. Now there is but one NIV on that website and it is the new one, no date. 

The alcoholic morons who run the LCMS and WELS have tied themselves to a constantly devolving, bad paraphrase of a corrupted New Testament text. 

You deny God justifying the entire world? Lookee here, Rev. Cirrhosis says, "All have sinned and all are justified!"

And that is why the KJV had to be thrown under the bus.

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