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Monday, December 12, 2016

Biblical Conversion versus Good Old Fashioned Money-Making

How to win - put a failed parish pastor with a drive-by DMin
into a position of influence. The college students loathe his classes and pray for him to leave Martin Luther College, but he established another Fuller outpost of apostasy.

The previous post emphasized conversion by the Word, the only conversion in the Bible. My extensive reading on the topic uncovered, long ago, that the wife of the founder of Fuller Seminary was converted in a flash - by the Word.

I wonder if we could explain to the sainted Grace Fuller that we now need rock music style lighting (Andy Stanley) or a bar ministry (Glende, Ski, Victory of the Lamb), or Seeker Services so light on Biblical content that no one is offended (Willow Creek).

"The Scripture which she quoted," Mrs. Fuller continues, "was the Sword of the Spirit, and at that moment Unitarianism was killed forever in my heart. I saw the light like a flash and believed at that moment, though I said nothing. She had quoted God's Word, the Spirit had used it, and, believing, I instantly became a new creation in Christ Jesus. She might have talked and even argued with me about it, but instead she just used the Word."

I noticed when I first read this that Grace Fuller used the language of the Bible to describe her conversion. The Sword of the Spirit (Hebrews 4) killed Unitarianism in her heart. The Spirit spoke through the Word, which was effective, unlike talking and arguing.

Have the galloping herds of turtles graduating from Fuller Seminary ever looked at their intellectual DNA?

Donald McGavran came from the most liberal Protestant denomination, the Disciples of Christ, unless we include the pagan United Church of Christ in that list. McGavran's training was not Biblical or theological, but secular - at Columbia University. His framework was liberal activism - Planned Parenthood - and statistical analysis via sociology. If we study all the mass movements, we can find out why some of them are working. Thus - the Church Growth Movement - which became such good business for Fuller Seminary that one school dominates Protestant and Catholic thinking, to the detriment of both.

McGavran came to Fuller after a shift to the errancy of the Scriptures and the departure of conservative faculty. The school was started by Fuller to teach a watered-down concept of inerrancy, and that was repudiated soon enough. That came from faculty influenced by Karl Barth, the adulterous Communist from Switzerland, whose major work was largely written by his mistress.

Good old Pete Wagner had a moment of clarity,
but his solemn declarations usually only invoke guffaws
for their demi-semi-pagan absurdities.

Another major non-thinker was C. Peter Wagner, a Pentecostal triumphalist (Look Out! The Pentecostals Are Coming) whose ravings made him a favorite in WELS. 

Since the WELS-ELS-LCMS-CLC ladies have mated with Fuller Seminary to become Fulleroids, their own DNA is hopelessly apostate, Enthusiastic, and anti-Christian.

Universal Objective Justification from Halle University (another big movement of Pietistic unionism) paved the way for the Church Growth Movement. Pietism always gives way to rationalism. One Halle won out over Luther in the LCMS, 1932, with God mysterious declaring the entire world righteous, Missouri went mainline with gusto and also embraced the Pentecostal and Church Growth movements. Like all unionists, the LCMS leaders love every confession of faith except their own.