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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Book Ministry Continues - Some Free Books

The first offer is the four-volume Kretzmann Popular Commentary. The first one to respond will get it. Just send $10 for mailing it to you.

Email me at

The UOJ set is in the public domain, so it can be read at the link above -

Welcome to The Kretzmann Project. The Popular Commentary of the Bible by Paul E. Kretzmann, Ph. D., D. D., has been a favorite among confessional Lutherans since publication of the first volume in 1921. The four volume work, completed in 1924, consists of nearly 3,000 pages. Kretzmann, as it is popularly known, has been out of print for quite some time. Many of us have found copies in used bookstores. The project was initiated so that Kretzmanncan be available to everyone with the click of a mouse.

Lindee wrote:
In 1951, Dr. P. E. Kretzmann left the LCMS along with sixteen other clergymen and laymen, forming the Orthodox Lutheran Conference (OLC). A brief, early history of the OLC, written by Dr. Kretzman, can be read here: A Short History of the Orthodox Lutheran Conference.

Although just a small collection of men, this group supplied such pressure on the LCMS, that the objections of the WELS and ELS over the same issues could not be ignored. In fact, the OLC was credited by their contemporaries in the LCMS with forcing that Synod to take the doctrinal concerns of WELS and ELS seriously. As all to often happens, unfortunately, division within this small group developed within a short period of time. Charges of unionism were levied against Dr. Kretzmann by some of the OLC members, leading, in 1956, to the separation of Dr. Kretzmann, and four others who supported him, from the Conference. Later, after the withdrawal of WELS and ELS from the Synodical Conference over the persistent errors of the LCMS, Dr. Kretzmann and his supporters joined the WELS. A more thorough history of the OLC, which includes many of these details, can be read here: A Popular History of the Concordia Lutheran Conference (through 1980).

Second Offer - Leupold's two volume Genesis Commentary, plus Luther's Genesis, plus a few other books, such as Pilgrim's Progress and the Iliad.

Email me at

Leupold is fairly well known among conservative Lutherans. He taught at the same ALC semnary in Columbus as Lenski.

 Lutherans build statues of Luther
and write statutes against his Biblical doctrine.