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Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Papal Wrecking Ball | The American Spectator.
Likewise Popes Otten, Harrison, Schroeder, John the Malefactor

 Pope John the Malefactor proved what a unifying dogma UOJ can be.
He kicked UOJist Rolf Preus to the curb, only to have Heiser do the same.
But he is a scholar!
After he obtained the call to Bethany Seminary,he finally finished his college degree,
making him more qualified than the Theologian of the Synodical Conference,
Bishop Martin Stephan

Protestant education is so deep and wide.
People keep calling him a Franciscan
because his new name is Francis.
That would make me a Gregorian.
No, Francis belongs to the Jesuits,
the most extreme, corrupt, and immoral order of them all.

Pope Herman the Copyist not only backs
Roman Catholics like Randy Engel,
but sells anti-Luther books for Reformation -
a true LCMS pastor. The only thing that offends
His Holiness is the Chief Article of Christianity.

 He signed the document making a syphilitic adulterer
the bishop, robbed the bishop and had him kidnapped,
to make himself the Pope of the Synodical Conference.

The Papal Wrecking Ball | The American Spectator:

"Once again, the pope’s priorities have been revealed. Countless Catholic organizations, schools, and orders, starting with the pope’s own, the Jesuits, promote heresy and scandal of one kind or another. Yet he never lifts a finger to police any of them. On the contrary, they receive his warm praise. Only conservatives fall under his withering gaze. He is indulgent toward every flock except his faithful own, whom he showers with epithets, from “rigid” to “judgmental” to “neurotic.” His papacy has proceeded like an endless serious of Onion parodies."

 Don't cross Pope Paul the Plagiarist.
No one makes up stuff faster or apologizes slower,
if at all - and only under duress.
UOJ unites them all - Moldstad, Preus, Otten,
Heiser, Cascione - in mutual loathing.

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