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Friday, February 17, 2017

Emmaus Conference To Dodge Luther on the 500th Anniversary -
And Celebrate Themselves.
ELDONUTs Mystery Conference

 Apparently not.

The 10th Annual Emmaus Conference is Friday, April 28th, 2017, with a banquet the evening prior on Thursday, April 27th. The topic for the 2017 Emmaus Conference will be: “The Unsuspecting American Luthers”. The backgrounds, challenges, and impact of several Lutheran theologians in the 20th Century will be explored and discussed.


GJ -

There is one good reason why the LCMS-WELS-ELS leaders are talking about themselves during the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation - they do not know enough about Luther's doctrine to produce a short essay. But oh, they never stop talking about, writing about, lying about, and crowing about their Pietistic founders.

ELDONUTs and Prospective ELDONUTs - SAVE THIS DATE: JUNE 2, 2017!

Members and guests of The Augustana Ministerium and Confraternity are invited to join together on June 2, 2017, at Salem Lutheran Church in Malone, Texas, for our Twelfth Annual Theological Conference and Plenary Session.

We are once again setting our meeting in conjunction with the annual Theological Colloquium, a Lutheran Free Conference, sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America. The free conference will take place on May 31st and June 1st at Salem Lutheran Church in Malone, Texas. This gives the members and guests of the Ministerium and Confraternity additional opportunities to hear Confessional Lutheran pastors and theologians speak on a variety of theological topics for the educational enrichment and edification of the Christian Church in this 500th anniversary year of the Lutheran Reformation.

Watch for additional details to be released in the coming weeks! Plan now to join us in Texas in June! 

Why did Heiser work with First Things and the Rolf Synod
when both were thoroughly and fanatically UOJ?
GJ -

I still don't get the fake Augustana Ministerium. Leave it to Heiser to highjack a name that does not belong to his group. The true Augustana Ministerium is comprised of those pastors who belonged to the (Swedish-American) Augustana Synod.

Dr. Conrad Begendoff (I knew him, too) put together a beautiful and useful book called The Augustana Ministerium. He gathered all the pastor's names, educational backgrounds, and careers. The Augustana Synod become part of the Lutheran Church in America in 1962, and all liberal tendencies were leveraged in that merger, only to be put on steroids in the ELCA merger of 1987.

Anyone tempted to join ELDONA should consider the control-freak nature of the sect.

  • Only their priests are members of the cult.
  • No one can attend their little parties unless fully certified as ELDONA kosher clergy, not even the wife of the pastor they honored at the last shindig. Creepy? 
  • Heiser wanted to be a bishop in the worst way - and he is. Anyone who is an ELDONA pastor must be completely subservient to Heiser and his whims.
  • Heiser nominated himself as bishop, like Stephan, apparently inspired by his first bishop ex-convict Randy DeJaynes. The WELS and ELS were both in fellowship with the LCS, which says a lot about the discernment of Jay Webber and Kincaid Smith, who organized the short-lived fiasco.
  • Heiser hides behind his toadies and has them talk for him. 
  • They are so secretive that once I copied their ravings from Facebook, they stopped communicating in public. They keep everything a secret - not than anyone really cares.
  • They certainly emulate the high-church priestcraft of the Eastern Orthodox, but they want to be considered the true Lutherans. So why did they oppose the Chief Article for many years?
 Eastern Orthodox? Hmm.