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Friday, February 17, 2017

Upcoming Books - Martin Chemnitz Press

When apostates frown, good news.
The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine is moving ahead full speed. This book will feature a summary of Luther's Biblical doctrine of the Word. The Book of Concord generation continued Luther's fine work - Chemntiz, Chytraeus, Leyser - and it extended to Gerhard, who completed Chemnitz' Harmony.

But  the Calvinist influence in Pietism weakened the purity of this clear, plain witness, and we see the results today. Pietists like Rambach and Knapp were all too appealing to two sides at once - the Calvinists and the Lutherans. What a nice blend, except the very truths of the Lutheran Reformation were sacrificed in the name of cooperation.

  1. Where does UOJ come from? Pietism.
  2. Where do cell groups come from? Pietism.
  3. Where does contempt for Luther's doctrine come from? Pietism.
  4. Halle Pietism turned into anti-Biblical rationalism, so the Synodical Conference is following ELCA down the same road.
  5. Notice how the Pietistic Evangelicals are embracing Left-wing activism to prove they are relevant and up to date. That is like Jesus and the apostles advocating homosexuality and abortion because both were dominant in the Roman Empire.

Next - Luther's Sermons, Lenker Edition

As soon as Goldmine is in print, I will begin a print and Kindle edition of Luther's Sermons, originally edited by Lenker.

Part of this plan is to include selections from previous MCP books as introductions to each of the four volumes.