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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Questions about Publishing Gerhard and His Books

 Some of us remain confused about anyone publishing Gerhard
and lying down with the UOJ dogs.
They are always going to get up with fleas.

Someone gave me a volume of the new Concordia Publishing House series on Gerhard. At $40 per volume on an EZ-pay subscription, that should cost at least $1,000.

Bishop James Heiser began Gerhard years ago with Bishop Randy DeJaynes and Repristination Press, which moved into ELDONA after Heiser returned to the LCMS long enough to snag a congregation's property. Nice work!

Lutheran Confessional Synod (LCS) was a Confessional Lutheran church, characterized by a strict interpretation of the Lutheran Confessions and a historical liturgy. Initially, it declared doctrinal agreement with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Synod.[1] LCS was for a brief period in fellowship with WELS and ELS [Jay Webber, Kincaid Smith], but broke with those two synods because of differences in the doctrine of the Ministry, and a possible difference in the doctrine of the Lord's Supper.
As of 2009, stating a "desire to return to the Apostolic faith," some former LCS clergy were Chrismated in the Self-Ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, while others entered the Roman Catholic Church. At least one is now a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America.
Lutheran Confessional Synod (LCS) The Lutheran Confessional Synod (LCS) was organized in Decatur, Illinois in 1994 by one pastor and one congregation. This small synod at first declared itself in doctrinal agreement with the ELS and the WELS. But now it claims that it disagrees with the WELS and the ELS on the doctrine of church and ministry. The LCS has been designed to attract pastors and congregations and groups of members who wish to leave the ELCA because of the false teaching and practice of that large church body. 

 Bishop James Heiser, Founder of the Mars Society.

 Stealth mode - no robes, no fish hat.
ELDONA is the smallest sect in America to adopt the mitre.

 Why did some LCS priests leave for Eastern Orthodoxy?
So Heiser and DeJaynes were printing Repristination Press books, with an eye toward pleasing Walther fans, praying with the ELS and WELS.
Heiser broke with DeJaynes and went back to the Missouri Synod. Heiser's parents once joined a WELS congregation and his brother is Lutheran Brethren, though communing with WELS. Heiser stayed in the LCMS until he was vested in their deluxe pension plan. Lay not up for yourselves...

Rolf Preus, like Heiser, returned to the LCMS.
The Little Sectarians returned to the Little Sect on the Prairie.
UOJ is a great divider, eh?

Heiser expressed dismay over UOJ when he read - and sold - Thy Strong Word. But he worked with Higher Things (UOJ) and met jointly with the Rolf Preus Synod.
Methinks selling books through CPH had something to do with Heiser's loyalty to UOJ, since McCain expressed fulminating enthusiasm for the dogma of Halle, Stephan, and Walther.
But now there are no Heiser books or Repristination Press books at CPH.  I used the search button and got "no return on your search. You must not be from around heah parts."
Heiser has been heard to say, "I have a license with CPH. That is illegal to ban my books."
That is the trouble with being too clever, drawing from the bottom of the deck and hoping no one sees.
Heiser worked with Dinda, who translated Gerhard for him. Ft. Wayne graduates are not known for their language skills. CPH saw that many clergy were buying Gerhard, so they bought up the Dinda rights for $80,000, which is less than McCain and Harrison spend on diet soda each year.
So Heiser and his stable of writers are banned from CPH. Perhaps McCain has not had a chance to vet the titles. That can take a long, long time.
A few have learned their lesson, "Do not feed the mouth that bites you." They like having obscure titles made available in English, but why is Heiser's business against using Kindle e-books? One can be retro without being Medieval. Some people like to read my books in the doctor's office or in the back of their limos.
With Kindle Unlimited, someone can download all the books for the first month's $10 fee. Holy Mammon - I give mine away - but I am truly a non-profit.
St. Ignatius Theological Seminary,
after remodeling.

Heiser began his Center for the Study of Lutheran Orthodoxy
with an ELCA board member.
"I had to - he bought so many books."
Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth...