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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Readers - For Thigh-Slapping Laughs - Look at the Gerhard Endorsements

 Can anyone find UOJ in this clear statement?
Yet ELDONA met with the Rolf Synod for years,
happily making Justification by Faith an adiaphoron.

Let us share the best laughs from last night's post on Gerhard, ELDONA, and the LCMS - the endorsements. Oh My! I was laughing so hard that the computer monitor seems to be warping and moving. Here they are - a veritable list of theological clowns, frauds, and foxes.

John Brug - Mordor Seminary in Mequon - where it is OK to sexually assault new students visiting the campus.

“Among the strengths of Gerhard are his clear definitions of terms, his abundant use of Scripture, his thorough knowledge of the Church Fathers, and the clarity of his outline and arguments. The notion that the Lutheran dogmaticians were philosophical debaters rather than careful exegetes of Scriptures is quickly disproved . . . . [It is] the outstanding work of Lutheran (i.e., biblical) dogmatics.”

Brug has the worst book ever on The Ministry of the Word. He defends Justification without Faith and Church Growth, while advocating the ordination of women.

Carl Beckwith - Beeson Babtist Divinity School -
“The thoroughness and detail of Gerhard’s discussion is impressive. Moreover, Gerhard assembles a remarkable diversity of sources throughout and approaches them in both a constructive and critical manner. He also continues the tradition, well-established in Lutheran circles, of showing the continuity of evangelical theology, particularly its commitment to the authority of Scripture, with the Early Church Fathers.”

I had to search for his resume. He colloquized into the LCMS but teaches at a Babtist Seminary. "Ralph Beeson provided the largest gift from a living individual in Samford history to establish the first divinity school at a Babtist college or university in the nation. Beeson Divinity School is open to persons from all Christian denominations - and the ordination of women."

Mark Mattes, ELCA - Grandview, formerly a Junior College. UOJ advocate. Evangelical Catholic is code for ELCA Roman Catholic wannabees, in the mould of Richard John Neuhaus. Safe and sane - like New Year's?

“Orthodox fathers of the seventeenth century have been rejected and ignored for too long. The publication of Johann Gerhard’s massive ‘Theological Commonplaces’ by Concordia Publishing House offers an opportunity to re-examine the Orthodox and their important contributions to theology and their relevance for theology today. Gerhard offers a safe and sane approach to the doctrine of God, one that is both wholly evangelical and wholly catholic.”

Jack Kilcrease - WELS/ELCA/Roman Catholic - adjunct at a Catholic convent school, best buddy of Paul McCain and Jay Webber - adjunct at ELCA's Institute of Lutheran Theology. A UOJ fanatic who cannot spell or write and erases his own comments soon after writing them in the social media.

“Gerhard’s writings are always theologically engaging. They prove highly inaccurate the claims of Pietism and Liberalism that Lutheran orthodoxy was ‘dead orthodoxy.’ What is most delightful about Gerhard’s work is its sense of evangelical-catholicity. He is consistently focused on a close reading of the Bible with special attention to rectilinear prophecy and interpretation of the Old Testament.

Matt the Fat Harrison, who could not finish an in-house doctorate at his own seminary, wrote something. As a close associate of UOJ assassin Paul McCain, Harrison is even more laughable than the rest for his endorsement.

Gerhard marks the end of Reformation theologians connected with the Book of Concord, since he worked to finish the Chemnitz Harmony of the Gospels. The clowns, goof-offs, and pretenders listed above will never admit this, but they have no more use for Gerhard than they do for Luther. The advantage of Gerhard is the opportunity to dance around all the issues.

Gerhard is a great, orthodox, Biblical theologian who emphasized faith as much as Luther did. Therefore, the endorsements from the UOJ salesmen seem rather hollow.