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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Recipe for the Jackson EZ Bird Swing: Six-Foot Wide Model

 Queen's Lace Crepe Myrtle is growing near the new bird feeder and swing.

The kitchen window needed some cleaning, so I took out the screen and vacuum cleaner and started. Using a special cleaner I had the glass almost invisible, so I decided install a second Jackon EZ Bird Swing. The recipe is easy for most homes.

  1. Drill three holes. These make screw hooks very easy to install. Our house has three eave supports for the window. The central one is for the hanging bird feeder - closer to the window for more shelter from rain. The supports on each side are for hanging the chains.
  2. Insert the screw-hooks into the three holes. 
  3. At Lowe's I ordered two 30 inch chains from the incredulous clerk. "They are for the bird swing," I added, helpfully.
  4. I also bought their $7 hanging bird feeder.
  5. The last item, near the chains, was a six foot long rod. Naturally, the rod needs to rest inside the chain links - and it did. Tested - at the store.
The rest was easy. After putting the screw-hooks in place, I hung the chain on each side, the sunflower seed feeder in the middle.

The rod went across and rested between the chains. The extra length made the set-up stable without any electrician's tape.

Expecting no activity for a time, I checked out the arrangement from inside the house. A small bird was already on the swing.

Later a Crepe Myrtle (already planted) will grow up and serve as the reception room for the feeder. Birds love to rest nearby until they can take their turns. The swing makes it easier to see the birds at rest.

I started a discounted a White Profusion Butterfly Bush but it is so small that I figured it might be a few years to get some height out of that project. I can transplant the Butterfly Bush to a new location.