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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Swingers Gather Outside Our Window -
Jackson EZ Birdswing Enlarged

I noticed the array of screw-hooks under the eaves would support a very wide birdswing - 72 inches. (That's six feet for those who graduated from Mordor Seminary in Mequon.)

I went to Lowe's for the express purpose of spoiling the birds and getting some potting soil for the latest plants. Yesterday was shirt-sleeve weather, 71 degrees.

They were discounting sunflower seeds already, so I also got a corn kernel block for the squirrels. The block went to the platform feeder and kept them away from investigating the new bird configuration. The squirrels also have their own feeder, but they epitomize greed and gluttony.

At Lowe's, I explained my need for a six-feet threaded rod, and the staffer found it at once. He was pretty old - at least as old as I am, so I explained my mission. Youngsters are so judgmental.

"I am expanding my birdswing to six feet. I hang two chains from the eaves and put the threaded rod through it."

He lit up and said, "Neat."

I expected the birds to stay away from the new swing, because of their shyness, so I filled the hanging feeder to the brim, spread seeds around the area, and added some to the corn kernel block.

This morning we had more Cardinals than ever before. It was cold and blustery, overcast with clouds. Several male cardinals and three female cardinals went back and forth, to the swing and Butterfly Bush and feeder.

One reader said, "If I had that set-up, I would not get any work done. I would watch them all day long."

Cardinals are enchanting.