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Friday, February 3, 2017

Lutheran Clericalism Suffers Badly from Their Doctrine of Infallibility

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Reading in context makes all the difference
between pixelating a phrase like "raised for our justification"
and understanding the Word of God.

Pope John 22 - not often mentioned - wisely rejected the Roman Catholic doctrine of infallibility, which some were promoting. He knew it would bind him to previous decisions and decrees.

Centuries later, a weakened and stumbling papacy insisted on papal infallibility, and Vatican I affirmed what Pope Pius IX wanted.

As I have shown many times before, WELS and LCMS have a history of teaching Justification by Faith and not UOJ - Justification without Faith.

Now that they are committed to clergy infallibility, the "conservative" Lutheran synods have to keep piling on more essays about their precious UOJ, even though they refuted themselves by citing Romans 4 - and even by citing anything from the Bible.

WELS has about 60 or so essays on their Satanic dogma of UOJ. The Emmaus Hootenanny will add more.

WELS Professor John "Sparky" Brenner will present at Emmaus. His nickname should be "Spineless."

  • When I asked Brenner about Valleskey's essay - that drooled over Church Growth and lied in his claim about Evangelicals "downplaying the Means of Grace" - Spineless said, "Write a letter." I asked whether the faculty had any responsibility for their Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly. Frau Brenner scowled at me during the conversation, like, "How dare you question an infallible professor at Mordor!"
  • By the way, when I published an essay in Christian News, taking apart Valleskey's Figs From Thistles essay, the Bethany Seminary faculty jumped all over Little Ichabod, as if he wrote it. I never heard from those weasels at all.  [By the way - Valleksey admitted to David Koenig, CLC, that he did attend Fuller Seminary, as Bivens did, but Valleskey lied about it when I asked him directly.]
  • When two students went to speak to Spineless about the abuses of GA, the secretive hazing ritual at Mordor, the Dean defended GA, saying, "It has good benefits too."
  • After one prospective student was sexually assaulted by a student when visiting the Mordor campus, he complained about it to Brenner. The response was "You are too thin-skinned."
  • Anyone who complains to Brenner will find himself pushed out of the seminary program, as were all three students mentioned above - and yes, I know about these incidents from them.
  • Spineless needed remedial work before he was accepted into the doctoral program at UW. WELS has such a superior educational program that no one recognizes it.

The 10th Annual Emmaus Conference is Friday, April 28th, 2017, with a banquet the evening prior on Thursday, April 27th. The topic for the 2017 Emmaus Conference will be: “The Unsuspecting American Luthers”. The backgrounds, challenges, and impact of several Lutheran theologians in the 20th Century will be explored and discussed.
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Daniel Preus
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John Brenner
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