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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Urged by a Reader - Remember the ELDONUTs on Shrove Tuesday

One donut to rule the world,
and in the fryer bind them.

The purpose of Shrove Tuesday was two-fold. One was to write down one's sins for confession, so Shrove is based on the German word for write - schreiben - but changed because English alters words gleefully and randomly. Bedlam comes from Bethlehem, etc.

The second purpose of Shrove Tuesday was to use up the fat in the house by making pancakes or donuts. Since donuts came from WWI, I sincerely doubt that they were an ancient tradition. But they are made or eaten on Shrove Tuesday just as jelly-filled donuts are enjoyed by some Germans on New Year's Eve.

One day a member of ELDONA began IMing me. Wait, he was not a member. Only the vetted, certified priesthood of ELDONA belongs to the secretive sect. For example, only they can party together. If a fellow priest is honored, his wife is excluded from the party. "That makes it more fun."

The secretive nature of ELDONA is troubling. They publish almost nothing about themselves. Once they learned they could be quoted from Facebook, they stopped publishing there too.

They have some good books, but CPH has banned them from their market. ELDONA could easily reach many by using Kindle e-books, especially Kindle Unlimited, which makes them free for those paying $10 a month fee.

One congregation has only an ELDONA banner as its statement of faith.

Heiser began with Bishop-for-Life Randy DeJaynes, which is ironic, because DeJaynes was LCA, had his wife preach for him, and soon learned another meaning for "life" - such as facing life in prison.

So Heiser wanted to be a bishop-for-life after the Lutheran "Confessional" Synod blew up, in spite of the nurturing from Jay Webber and Kincaid Smith, Ft. Wayne alumni know-it-alls who know very little. Like the rest of the Pietististic Synodical Conference, ELDONA is quick to press the SHUN! button.

So this Russian IMed me and claimed, "You called them nuts." I said, "No I called them donuts."

Donuts are tender and flaky, with nothing in the center - just a hole.

If ELDONA keeps publishing good books, I will mention the books and provide links. Currently I am looking at the Judaizing of Calvin, by Hunnius, a fine and much-overlooked theologian.

 Heiser does not use this photo on the ELDONA websty,
but he has two copies in his Facebook photos.
 This is also in Heiser's photo collection.
Not as strange as posing with Katy Perry, but this graphic
claims they terrorize the LCMS -
not with the Gospel but with boasting. 
St. Ignatius Theological Seminary
and Live Bait Shop, Malone, Texas.
This school is currently being wired
for better Ustream broadcasts to Russia.