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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine, Movie and Book.
Movie Review - - A Fine Addition to Good Westerns -

 This 1949 movie is a good presentation of
the Lost Dutchman's Goldmine story.

Movie Review - - A Fine Addition to Good Westerns -

"Out of fact and fancy, Producer-Director S. Sylvan Simon, his scenarists, the author of the book and a professional cast, have mined a tense, intelligent and often thrilling adventure in "Lust for Gold," which came to the Criterion on Saturday. For the story of man's ill-fated quest for the "Lost Dutchman" cache—a $20,000,000 jackpot in mined, high-grade gold ore secreted somewhere in Arizona's craggy Superstition Mountains and free for the finding—has the attraction of a tall tale plus the conviction of a statistic. And, though its romantic aspects are dross by comparison with the rest of the yarn, the saga makes a neat addition to the roster of good Western dramas which have come our way."

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The frequent use of treasure in Luther's sermons,
edited as the Large Catechism, inspired the title of the book, especially since we once lived not far from the fabled mine.

Janie Sullivan, our finishing editor, has the Word file for the book. She is an expert at porting books to Amazon and to Kindle e-books.

Norma Boeckler illustrated the book and the covers. She is now such a celebrity on Facebook, deservedly so, that one of my FB friends wrote to me -  "You know Norma Boeckler?!"

The proof-readers did a  great job of identifying those little glitches that get by the original author, such as missing words, misspelled words, and format errors. One reader found lines changing from single spacing to 1.5, which was so obvious once he pointed it out.

Our German speaking senior proof-reader spotted vor spelled as ver. Most people would miss that. I overlooked it myself.

Little Ichabod showed me how to fix the sub-headings, which are picked up by the Word software for the table of contents. I used them extensively because they are so handy in Kindle e-books. The table of contents links take the mobile reader right to the item.

Another advantage of Kindle e-books is Kindle Unlimited, which means getting each new Martin Chemnitz Press book for the monthly fee of $10. One reader said ELDONA's Repristination Press should offer everything as a Kindle Unlimited book - if they wanted to spread the Word of God.

One appendix turned into five, because readers tell me they appreciate the quotations, footnotes, and citations. Thy Strong Word is a favorite book for one Lutheran congregation, and it could be called the printed edition of Megatron, the Database.

Upcoming Projects

  1. The complete sermons of Luther in the 8-volume Lenker series.
  2. The two Luther catechisms.
  3. Another Luther book.
  4. A new Lutheran dictionary.