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Monday, March 13, 2017

Ecclesia College - Oren Paris Family - List of Links. Most Recent at the Top.
Covered by Patheos, Local and National Outlets, and Christianity Today

Oren Paris III has his mother Inez on the governing board,
his sister Angie running the online college,
his brother-in-law Mike Novak raising money,
his sister Twila running the prep school.
Not one of them is qualified to teach or to manage higher education. They call Oren "Dr. Paris" now because
he has an online DMin (not a doctorate) from
Laurel University.
So does "Dr." Phillip Brassfield, chairman of the board.

Here is the latest bad news - bad associates!

How Money Helped Ruin Higher Education

Ecclesia College lawyers want Freedom of Information lawsuit dropped.

Berryville got its city grant after its objections to Ecclesia College grant are dropped.

Encyclopedia of Arkansas.

Pat Boone is listed on the Board of Regents, but has never heard of Ecclesia College.

 Twila Paris Official "I am so blessed to have Oren as my brother and so grateful for his faithful service in God's Kingdom. Those who know him well know that he is a man of deep integrity with a long established record of exemplary character. It is very clear that his highest aim is always to please God. 

My family and I are humbled and strengthened by the many people of good will who are believing the best and standing with us in prayer during this season we could never have imagined."

-Twila Paris

Three people listed on the Board of Regents did not know they were on that list.

Phillip Brassfield chairs the operating board of Ecclesia College.

Ecclesia College makes Freedom FROM Religion happy.

Arkansas Christian Politician Pleads Guilty - Ecclesia College Bribes

Paul Snyder - married to Oren's sister - makes demands and threats about Ecclesia College posts.

The family tree - Oren Paris family dominates Ecclesia College and pays itself very well indeed. Paul Snyder hated this post, but offered no rebuttal, only threats.

Federal indictment of Oren Paris III reveals details of kickback scheme for Ecclesia College and the Paris family.

Ecclesia College hired a woman - a friend of Woods - to be Oren Paris' secretary - for a huge salary, especially when compared to the slave wages paid to the academic faculty.

Fired Ecclesia College coach is suing the college.

Former board member and faculty memberJim Parsons sues Ecclesia College to reveal financial details involved in the federal indictments of Oren Paris III.

Arkansas Times - a smell arising from Ecclesia College.

Ecclesia College, Springdale, Arkansas - In Their Own Words

Oren Paris III among those indicted in bribery scandal.

Oren Paris III linked with Jon Woods in federal indictment.

Angie Paris Snyder is in charge of the college website,
which explains the imaginary faculty members
and board members listed - to lend credibility to the school.
A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

Inside Higher Education Posts about Oren Paris III

Details of Oren Paris III Indictment

Ecclesia College president Oren Paris III indicted

Indictment involves Ecclesia College in Springdale, Arkansas


Patheos Posts

Oren Paris Archives 

Oren Paris New Indictments

Arkansas Bribery Scandals - Will Oren's Denials Be Enough?

Steven Henderson did not know that Oren and Angie
put him on the Board of Regents.