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Friday, March 10, 2017

Three People Listed by Ecclesia College as Regents Didn't Know They Were on the Board

 Pat Boone starred in that Pentecostal favorite
The Cross and the Switchblade,
but did the Holy Spriti know Pat was press-ganged onto the
Board of Regents at Ecclesia College?

Three People Listed by Ecclesia College as Regents Didn't Know They Were on the Board:

"Now that’s embarrassing.

Steve Henderson, H.D. McCarty and Pat Boone are listed by Ecclesia College as members of their Board of Regents. However, the men now say they didn’t know they were listed as members. Pat Boone told Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporter Bill Bowden he never heard of the school.

Henderson and McCarty both know about the school and know beleaguered president Oren Paris but they didn’t know they were on the Ecclesia Board.

Paris has been indicted on charges of fraud for his part in an alleged kickback scheme including two Arkansas state legislators, Sen. Jon Woods, and Rep. Micah Neal. Neal has already pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing. Woods and Paris maintain their innocence."

 Oren Paris III (my photo) displayed unusual
enthusiasm for political events, and used the new addition
to an old building for political gatherings.
However, they described the large room as a
classroom addition. Haha.

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 Twila Paris - Oren III's sister - is on the Board of Regents
at Ecclesia College.
Paris family members use the college as their personal piggy-bank.