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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rain upon Rain - Flood Watches from Arkansas to Moline, Illinois.
Reasons To Feed the Birds

The Crepe Myrtle produces seeds that the Cardinals love,
after sheltering them all summer.

The rain came thundering down around 11 PM last night. I was doing some online grading ahead, just in case, which I will do again today, God willing. The backyard is underwater, except for the mulched gardens. They only appear to be above it all. The wheelbarrow seems to have collected six inches of rain since last night.

We are waiting and watching the Goldfinches as they feed,
slowly turning gold.

Yesterday I filled the bird-feeders late in the afternoon and positioned all of them under the eaves, even if that benefits certain squirrels I see too often.

House Finches eat all day at the feeders,
sometimes six at a time.

I saw two male Cardinals at feeders around 20 feet apart. That means they are now working for their mates and no longer in the men's club, where six males will quietly gather at the feeder - winter.One pair lives in the Crepe Myrtle in the front yard. The leaves and branches provide some shelter. I often see Mr. Cardinal leave the bush for the backyard feeder.
Rosebreasted Grossbeak

A Rosebreasted Grossbeak visited for the first time. I had to look up his livery to identify him.

 Norma Boeckler's Cardinals, reason enough to buy sunflower seed - or grow it.