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Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Presbyterian Church Is Hollowing Out -
Much Like the LCMS, WELS, ELS, and ELCA.
Should Otten Take His Own Advice?

 April Fool's edition, Christian News, 2017.

Otten's UOJ dogma is precisely what the Presbyterians and mainline apostates teach - universal forgiveness and salvation without faith.

That is why the mainline denominations all preach their church instead of the Gospel. Like the broken down Synodical Conference, they teach against faith, ban faith, shun the faithful, treat ministers and laity like dirt, and wonder why the pews and seminaries are empty.

I know what to do - sponsor another annual once-in-a-lifetime giving opportunity!

Otten has a ton of books that teach Justification by Faith - starting with the Old and New Testaments.

Some others are:

  1. The early LCMS catechisms.
  2. The current KJV Small Catechism, sold by his pal Paul McCain.
  3. The Gausewitz Small Catechism, used by parts of the entire Synodical Conference before it succumbed to UOJ ecumenism with the LCA-ALC groups.
  4. Luther's Sermons.
  5. Luther's Galatians Lectures.
  6. Luther's Small and Large Catechisms.
  7. Luther on Enthusiasm, Smalcald Articles.
  8. Melanchthon's defense of Justification by Faith in the Apology.
  9. Chemnitz.
  10. Hunnius.
  11. Polycarp Leyser - considered an expert on justification.
  12. Gerhard.
  13. Chytraeus.
  14. Andreae.
  15. Calov.
  16. Robert Preus, Justification and Rome.
  17. Jackson, Catholic Lutheran Protestant.

Old and new, Otten's list -
all teach the anti-Gospel of UOJ.
The list could be called Nasty and Nastier.