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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The biggest megachurch on Earth is facing a ‘crisis of evangelism’

WELS has followed the example of Schuller and Cho,
with similar results.
Cho's books were sold at one WELS training event -
out of a carton of them brought by one of the leaders!

The biggest megachurch on Earth is facing a ‘crisis of evangelism’:

"In 2014, Cho was convicted of embezzling $12 million in church funds. He was given a suspended sentence, but Cho’s son went to jail. Other Protestant leaders have been caught up in sensational scandals too, and as a result, people’s attitudes toward Christian evangelicals have soured.

“The general public in Korean society, they do not trust Christians anymore,” says Jung-Jun Kim, a senior pastor at a small evangelical church in Seoul. "

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Christianity Today on Cho's Conviction

David Yonggi Cho, 78, founded Yoido Full Gospel Church, an Assemblies of God-affiliated denomination that has grown to more than 1 million members. Last year, CT noted how the pastor emeritus faced indictment for an alleged stock scheme with his son.
Last Thursday, the Seoul pastor was convicted of embezzlement as part of a scheme in which he arranged for the church to buy stock from his son Cho Hee-jun at more than three times the market price.

Harrison and his UOJ buddy managed to
make cheeseheads look bad.

GJ - A little history follows. Robert Schuller correctly calls himself the founder of the Church Growth - really Shrinkage - Movement. He was a short distance from Fuller Seminary, which hired McGavran shortly after they repudiated their mild support of inerrancy.

McGavran and C. Peter Wagner provided the academic salesmanship and Schuller the example of Protestant apostasy. Missouri and WELS - decades later - remain transfixed by the idiotic methods of Schuller, Cho, and Fuller Seminary:
  1. A congregation must have cell groups.
  2. The pastor should establish a personality cult and rule as a dictator. 
  3. A denominational name is a great hindrance to a congregation.
  4. Whoopee worship is going to please more people than real hymns and Biblical liturgy.
  5. Replace the Gospel with the idol of success, derived largely through Asian polytheism. Norman Vincent Peal stole this from an occult book and made millions with plagiarism. Schuller stole the same idea and gave his mentor, Peale, credit for it. Cho was even more direct and gave credit to powers of the universe - The Fourth Dimension - waiting to give us everything we demand.
  6. Plagiarism is good. They throw bricks at the first person, money at the second. 
Mirthless Mark Schroeder has given free-rein
to Jeske's Church and Changers,
sour eructations from Fuller and Willowcreek.

Needless to say, all the denominations - even the Church of Rome - have been gaga over Fuller, Willowcreek, and Trinity Divinity School for years. Even the franchise units, like Kent Hunter's business, have made money off this stupidity, paganism, and silliness. 

No one should wonder that the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation is being hailed with a repudiation of Luther's doctrine and the Book of Concord. As Luther said, "If someone handles pitch, his hands soon become black." The Lutheran leaders want to promote the Schuller-Cho-Fuller model at every level of their educational units and ministry, then say, "Our hands are clean. That is why we are kicking you out, and kissing them in."

When people read this blog, they realize that my descriptions of WELS, LCMS, ELS, and the micro-minis are not only correct, but far too mild and irenic at the local level. The cover-ups are massive and on-going, from the Love Letter pastor to the child porn dealer at Schroeder's headquarters. The corruptions of doctrine and worship are continuous and gathering momentum.
The leaders lead posh and luxurious lives while draining the resources of their synods, just as the parisitoid insects lay their eggs in the living bodies of other insects. Like the babies of the parisitoids, the children of Lutheran leaders do very well indeed.

In the future, the Lutheran synods will be a fraction of their size today - thanks to Church Growth doctrine and worship - but the trust fund offspring of denominational leaders will be fine.