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Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Sermons of Martin Luther - Volume 1 Is in Production.
Volumes 2 and 3 Are Being Edited

Volume 1 of the Lenker series starts with Advent and includes the Day of Epiphany.

To correct one misunderstanding, these are sermons in one sense, but they were prepared to provide  sermon notes, a foundation for those pastors who did not even know where to start on a sermon. Some were so poorly trained that they only read the Scriptures for the day.

I have always thought that one paragraph of Luther' Sermons had enough insight in it for a complete sermon. I read one and post one for every service we have. The people who read this blog for the doctrinal material and Luther's Sermons - they are my target audience.

A WELS layman, years ago, asked me to write more about Justification by Faith. Those raised on Gausewitz and the KJV know understand that WELS-LCMS are practicing fraud and deceit. They want to have plenty of foundation to remind them of what they first learned as children and teens.

Back cover. Luther rejected "Objective Justification"
before the term was manufactured.

Janie Sullivan is preparing the series for Amazon printed books and Kindle e-books.

Norma Boeckler is illustrating each volume and the covers - working faster than I can keep up.

Virginia Roberts is proofing volumes, helped by various others.

Mrs. Ichabod is helping with the gems from each volume. The ninth volume will be a collection of all eight volumes of the gems, since each volume starts with a selection.