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Monday, May 29, 2017

Wasting Time and Money on Higher Education

Was I right? I created this several years ago.

I am not against higher education. I have spent more time on both sides of the lectern than most people. But most of the money is being wasted among the Lutherans, as I will explain.

Let us forget for a moment the slavish conformists who get hired to teach at Lutheran colleges and seminaries. And we can ignore the back-slapping, back-stabbing politicians elected by Lutherans to advance the twin causes of apostasy and worshi-tainment.

Even with the worst teachers from the Fuller Seminary brigades, every single student has two unequaled assets that seem to be completely unused or abused: the brain and the library.

One - The Brain
God has created us with the most amazing computing and memory device: fast, efficient, working even while we are resting or day-dreaming.

 Lutheran seminary students, cowed, afraid, non-thinking.

What keeps Lutheran students from using their brains to consider the issues involved in their own faith? They must be so consumed with their careers that they are afraid to think or speak. Of course, WELS will kick out any student who begins to question the rank apostasy of the leaders, but that is a blessing. If a gang of immoral drunks refuses to admit me into their sacrilegious circle, should I feel offended or blessed?

Lutherans move through the system like the human robots in Metropolis.
They will repeat any nonsense drilled into them, as the semi-automatic chattering class of UOJists and Church Shrinkers prove.

 Work hard -  you well deserve the next binge.
Your alcoholic leaders will cover for you.

The brain does not work well when pickled in alcohol. The results are slow but sure. Higher order thinking goes away with alcohol and drug abuse. The pleasure centers are no longer what God created, but change almost inexorably to the next drink, the next cig, the next drug.

When this cathedral of books was built at Yale,
libraries were our Ft. Knoxes of learning.
Now we have the Harvard Divinity library on Google
and most classic books for free. Is anyone reading them?

The Library
We no longer have traditional libraries. We have Lenski on our computers, easy to search. We have Bibles galore on various softwares. Anyone can be trained in Greek and Hebrew at home, using various programs.

How can someone be near a library and have one on his computer and yet listen to the drivel taught in Lutheran colleges and seminaries? I manually copied and organized quotations from a wide variety of WELS and LCMS sources. They were all parroting Fuller Seminary and Willowcreek.

I question whether Luther students are learning anything more than the laughable educations of their professors, that Fuller fad that never goes away, the herpes of higher education in Lutherdom.

The Emmaus Conference of LCMS-WELS-ELS ignored Luther to speak about themselves this year. Where are the papers calling pee-wees of theology "Luthers"? Walther - hahahahahaha.

I will save the final salvo for the next post.

 Reuel Schulz in WELS endorsed this idiot,
who got one thing right - CG is a failure.
But WELS did not excommunicate Schulz.
Ask his descendants how the synod treats Justification by Faith