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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Coffee Grounds for the Garden

I did some searching about coffee grounds and found I posted about them before. They are considered a long-term nitrogen bonus for the soil. Many writers dither and worry about the acid contribution, which can vary. Washed grounds are neutral. Others may add some acidic content, which would be good for blueberries and azaleas.

Coffee grounds are rich in:
  • Nitrogen
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium

I began tossing coffee grounds bundles onto the new Crepe Myrtle twig, which is trying to bloom a little now. No CM twig has received more attention, coffee grounds, and rainwater than this one, near the kitchen window. The sunflowers have benefited as well.

Mrs. Ichabod said, "My Aunt, the one who talked to animals, used rainwater on her plants too. She could predict the weather." I countered, "She was in touch with Creation."

I had one sunflower bloom, from the hundreds of seeds I planted last year, so I did not plant any sunflowers this year. I can only guess the squirrels are planting them now, because I see sunflowers all around the yard, sometimes in clusters.

Bargain Plants - Fast Bloomers - Roses
I thought our roses were pruned well on Sunday. The altar flowers went to a neighbor. We had one inch of rain during the day and now about 18 roses are blooming.

 Double Delight must be ordered early
to have some for planting.

Most plants ordered through the mail will not perform the same year. They take all summer to get established. But bare root roses are two-year plants and ready to bloom in about a month. Those patient enough to wait for the bargain plants, the largely un-named plants offered in late May and June will bloom beautifully in a month. These overstock roses cost $6 rather than $24 each. So one bloom pays off the cost and shows the gardener how many new, interesting plants can be grown.

The bargain offers promote various colors without naming the roses. That way they can push the last of the roses out the door, fast.

The leftover roses will never be - Peace, Queen Elizabeth, Double Delight, Mr. Lincoln, or other standard favorites. But they are fun to see bloom. In spite of the names on the plants and the flowers portrayed on the Net, they are quite a surprise.

This $5 rose turned out to own the title
for largest hybrid tea bloom - OK no bride jokes.
Brides's Dream is the name.

Sweet Aroma of Gardening Success
We have so many plants blooming in the backyard now that the air is filled with sweet aromas, from the flowers of:

  • Elderberries
  • Chaste Tree
  • Clover
  • Buckwheat
  • Blackberries
  • Butterfly Bushes
  • Roses and 
  • Many more.

The plants are purpose-driven to attract insects that will pollinate them. They also use extra nectar to attract beneficial insects once they are attacked.

 I would call California Dreamin' one of the
new style of Double Delight like roses.