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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We Took Roses to the Doctor's Office - And Then...

 Creation Gardening is available in print and
Kindle e-book formats.
The garden shown in Norma Boeckler's.

We normally take roses to a doctor's office, so we did that today, with a selection of Easy Does It, Mr. Lincoln, and Queen Elizabeth roses. He was pleased to see the roses, and I gave him a copy of Creation Gardening. His nurse already had the second one I brought inside.

 Queen Elizabeth was developed by Walter Lammerts, below,
who was in contact with Pastor Herman Otten.

We already knew the doctor believed in Creation by the Word, in six days. I mentioned Lammerts, and he said, "Which Lammerts." I showed him the picture of Walter Lammerts. The doctor almost shouted "Walter Lammerts!"

 Walter Lammerts earned a PhD in plant genetics
and organized Creation scientists.
Science does not preclude the Creation.

I pointed to the Queen Elizabeth rose. "He developed this rose, which is still one of the favorites of all time - and ours too."

Next the check-out person wanted a book, after seeing the roses. I went to the car for two more, just in case. Mrs. Ichabod took the roses into the reception room, which was packed, and showed it to a woman and her young son. He had been quiet each time we saw them, but he said, "Look at those roses!" She got the fourth book and another woman asked for the fifth one.

I went outside and got the rest of the books for those who wanted them. Some were in the reception room and others waiting to come in.

 Mr. Lincoln is the fragrance king.

So we had an informal discussion about roses.

"Roses are the most difficult to grow."

I said, "No they are the easiest."

"How do you get such beautiful roses? It must take a lot of work." The doctor thought the same thing. He was astonished I worked on them only thirty minutes each day.

I said, "All we have to do is stop doing stupid things." Everyone laughed. I added, "We use chemical fertilizers, which hurt the soil. We kill all the insects and spiders with poisons, and we spray more poisons on the roses to kill fungus. We kill the microbes that give us good roses."

My purpose was only to give the book and roses to the doctor. I figured that someone on the staff might want one, so I took two books inside.

Mrs. I lit up the reception room by showing off the roses, which are adequate proof that no-toxin Creation Gardening really does work. Se we gave away 10 books at one time.

They wanted to know more so I suggested Google searching and using the Creation Gardening page I established on Facebook.

No one can separate Creation by the Word from the Gospel, so a book on Creation is necessarily going to include believers as new creations by the Word.

Planned for 2018, a similar book based on the Creation Parables of Jesus.

 Paradise is a rose I got as an extra - $5.