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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Concordia Seminary Rumor Confirmed.
Jason Ewart Defenestration Explained

Is it possible that Concordia Seminary St. Louis would
take the Wash U.  money and merge
with St. Ignatius in Malone, Texas?
Bishop Heiser says, "Indoor plumbing would be welcome."

Steadfast Lutherans floated the rumor that Washington University offered over $200 million to buy the seminary in St. Louis. The truth of the story was confirmed when the seminary heatedly denied it at once.

That is how Lutherans confirm rumors.

One observer said that the Missouri Synod is quiet now because of panic and the impending doom of the schools collapsing, a national phenomenon.

All the alternatives to the traditional seminary have made living on the campus onerous and expensive. An almost worthless MDiv degree is now horribly expensive and the vocation path is filled with political landmines. If one is told "cooperate to graduate" in seminary, does anyone imagine that thinking and study are rewarded with anything but the Left Foot of Fellowship?

Matt the Fatt, hailed as the answer to Missouri's troubles, had a new law passed, unheard of anywhere else. If anyone discusses doctrine or practice and does not have an official position to do that, he can be kicked out of the ministerium. How better to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation?

 Jason Ewart did not appeal the opinion of
the official Kangaroo Kourt. Why bother?

So why exactly was Jason Ewart booted - with his congregation - in Oconomoc? He has been doing what the WELS college, seminary, and mission gurus have been advocating for decades. He spoke at Change or Die! for pity's sake: introduced by Mark and Avoid Jeske Hisself! Among the Church Shrinkers, that is equivalent to sainthood.

The answer - he was stealing too many members from other WELS congregations. That got under the skin of people in power and they began admonishing him.

Given the WELS lust for UOJ, there is no litmus test for doctrine, except opposition to Justification by Faith. Once people solemnly declare that the world was forgiven and saved - without faith - 2000 years ago, everything else is an adiaphoron.

Their UOJ dogma provides an anaerobic breeding ground for all kinds of infections.

WELS has discovered that women should be in charge of worship.
Professor John Brug approves. If you want a litmus test for
Change or Die-itis, there it is.