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Monday, June 19, 2017

There Must Be Opposition to the Gospel.
Unfortunately, the Opposition Is Official and Widespread

One reader asked if any progress was being made with Justification by Faith. The answer is - Yes, the opposition is clearer than ever before. Some of my Facebook friends have made a point of planting their flag on behalf of Justification without Faith. The official groups, listed below, are completely in the bag for UOJ.

I was tempted to block some FB friends who have come out as UOJ, but I decided to continue the assault on their hobby-dogma. The Word is effective in converting and in hardening, in enlightening and in blinding. Extending the Left Foot of Fellowship is only going to leave them unmolested by Luther's doctrine.

The official UOJ groups are, in ascending order:

  • Herman Otten's Christian News, is as much a UOJ-only shop as the Steadfast Lutherans.
  • LutherQuest (sic) continues to promote the Festival of the Ascension of CFW Walther, which is every day on their blog.
  • The ridiculous Emmaus Conference hosted the farce of the sects' founders being "Unsuspecting American Luthers." However their papers are not yet posted. Perhaps they did not want to motivate a book, as Jay Webber's logorrhea did - The Faith of Jesus.
  • The misnamed Steadfast Lutherans, are stifled by the Harrison censorship, which is ironic since they banned any links to this blog.
  • Higher Things - the Jugendbund of Missouri - produces moronic videos embracing UOJ, acted out by their version of Marco Rubio. They used to brag about their UOJ in a doctrinal statement, but that seems to have disappeared. Send a link to me if I am wrong.
  • The inconsequential Church of the Lutheran Confession, serves as a perfect example of a sect claiming so much while embracing UOJ and Church Growth. Donkey Basketball is the favorite sport at their college and seminary.
  • The ACELC, is a faction so intoxicated by Walther that they reference the bloke in their resolution - to wit - "Whereas, The rite of ordination, although not a divine institution (Church and Ministry, Ministry Thesis VI), is the apostolic custom by which Lutherans have designated and publicly acknowledged a man as a minister of Word and Sacrament, that is, as one who is in the Office of the Public Ministry and recognized by the wider fellowship as a fellow minister (Ap XIII 11–13); and…"
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Synod, aka, the Little Sect on the Prairie, so terminal that they have already announced their demise.
  • The Wisconsin Sect, centered in Milwaukee, so completely a Black Hole of dogma that no light escapes. 
  • The LCMS is so schizophrenic that they persecute Justification by Faith in most of their lobbying and money-making groups, but they still allow for Luther's doctrine here and there.
  • ELCA. Like it or not, is the big guy the ruling, managing, and dominant sect of all the Pietistic sects claiming the name of Luther. All of the statistically significant ones work with ELCA, follow their rules, and stifle objections. Like the others, ELCA defines grace as universal absolution without faith, UOJ. Following the example of Halle University, ELCA no longer bothers with the fraud of Subjective Justification and simply claims that the entire world is forgiven and saved. Their message is exactly the same as WELS - just tell people that they are already forgiven and saved.
  • Thrivent is an even bigger dog than ELCA, because the insurance company includes all denominations and gives money to everyone, including the pan-religious Mark and Avoid Jeske, their highly paid board member.
Note - Subjective Justification is not faith in Christ, but acceptance of the dogma of universal absolution.