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Monday, July 31, 2017

Banned - Let Me Count the Ways

 Did Tim Rossow call Luther a moron? Yes.

1. Steadfast Lutherans 
is an obedient group of puppies who chew shoelaces in half and remind everyone that they are not yet housetrained. They have one thing in common - their devotion to betraying the Reformation with Universal Objective Justification. To that end they ban links to this blog and refer to those who teach Justification by Faith as morons. Coming from a comically overweight cat-hugger, that remark goes far beyond self-satire.

Now Steadfast is an international confraternity devoted to preserving the dogma of Bishop Martin Stephan, STD. They must have a Canadian blogging with them, eh?

2. Christian News 
likes to dab Justification by Faith for brief moments, but the tabloid has always been a febrile platform for extolling the glories of Kokomo Justification without Faith.

3. Emmaus Conference - Toward Merger with ELCA -
was organized to promote UOJ, which will make the de facto merger with ELCA de jure as well. Although promoted as a "free conference" where all views can be shared, they banned Justification by Faith and the free books we provided for them. They did not want people upset by a different view than the Stephan/Walther rationalistic Pietism that has knit the Synodical Conference together and made relationships with ELCA work so well through Thrivent.

 "ELCA won, Brett. You have to give us that."

4. ELCA -
is a merger of many different Pietistic sects that came over to America, with leaders from Halle University (Muhlenberg and Stephan alike) or from the other centers of Pietism. ELCA dictates the conditions of their relationships with the Synodical Conference, and their group hugs are always funded by Thrivent Mediocre Insurance and a few foundations.

ELCA sounds forth the same trumpet blast as the Synodical Conference. Any mention of faith is a repudiation of grace - they all imagine. This same attitude is found in all the mainline apostate theologians, so it is firmly held across denominational lines - taught by the big (Pope Francis I) and the small (Pope Georgie One Note I).

The two justifications - Objective and Subjective - are conveniently merged into one. They bray, cackle, and decrepitate - "Everyone is saved. Everyone. Everyone."

In the olden days, the Evangelicals were known for emphasizing faith in Christ. That is hard to imagine in this current age of me-centered prosperity rants, but that did happen under Billy Graham and a few others. The LCA speaker sneered on a tape, his voice breaking with rage, "The trouble with these people is they have no concept of grace. There is no grace at all." Translation - they do not teach universal absolution and salvation, but think forgiveness and salvation come through faith, by God's grace conveyed in the Gospel.

As Luther said, take away the Means of Grace and all kinds of foul errors pour in as a substitute.