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Monday, July 31, 2017

Flinging Dust in Our Face - An Old Cowboy Trick

Andy One Note Preus was on another rampage promoting Universalism when I noticed Quenstedt being mentioned. Those who cannot handle the simple truths of Justification by Faith should not try to fool the audience with discussions about Quenstedt.

Concordia Ft. Wayne graduates remind me of the villains in Old West cowboy movies. Just when the man in black is losing the fight with the hero, he reaches down, grabs some dirt, and flings dust into the eyes of of the star.

Ft. Wayne graduates love to flit all over the landscape of the theology, as if they know their topic, dropping mentions of this obscure person or another. We are supposed to stand back in awe and say, "He is mentioning someone I never heard of, so he must be a profound scholar. After all, he has a degree from the practical seminary of the LCMS!" Dust in our eyes. Walther did that with his preposterous notions about election - another BA with papal pretensions.

That endless debate about Quenstedt only reminded me of the brilliant refutation of OJ/SJ quoted in Grandfather Robert Preus' book - Justification and Rome. Rolf claims I am not supposed to quote his father, but that is part of publishing theology - debate. Every so often I quote Quenstedt, via Preus, because his statement unravels OJ/SJ completely.

The farther away the theologians got from the Book of Concord, the more Pietistic they became. My impression is that Quenstedt and Calov saw the rationalistic move of Pietism as it developed from Calvinism and poked holes in it. Here is Calov -

 This is a quotation from Robert Preus' Justification and Rome.
Quenstedt and Calov wrote simply that we are never justified apart from faith. But the OJ/SJ crew like to fly around like drones, zipping here and there, yet easily knocked out of the sky by an errant baseball pitch, a small bird, or an animal swinging at it from a tree branch. Down goes the drone, its tumbling captured by a wireless camera onboard.

The Ft. Wayne graduates can mention their heroes - really villains - in this discussion. Rambach and Quistorp are obscure Pietists and good for some good old new-fashioned UOJ. Bishop Martin Stephan introduced OJ to Walther, just as the Bohemian Pietist introduced syphilis to his wife, children, and female groupies. No one wants to identify OJ with Stephan, so they make Walther into Luther unawares, almost as good as a Xerox.

Although the Formula of Concord cautions us against speculating on the topic of election, the Ft. Wayne graduates are so imbued with theological expertise that they can flit from one person to another and describe how precise an individual was about election and all related subject matter. Coming from men who do not comprehend the Gospel, the Pauline epistles, Luther, or the efficacy of the Word in the Means of Grace - this is alarming.

They remind me of Georgie One Note, glancing at his cue cards and ranting in a loud voice, with a smirk on his face, as if a machine gun staccato is more convincing than the Scriptures. Even the somnolent LCMS is alarmed about their nest of vipers, so why should we take their Higher Things dogma seriously.

Georgie One Note agrees with Pope Francis I -
everyone is saved. Everyone. Everyone.
Playing his toxic video for everyone, everyone,
is considered quoting him out of context!