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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Passed Some Mandatory Tests - Required by Law

 Buchholz promised to continue discussing Justification by Faith at the next pastors' gathering, but he did the opposite and  instead bragged about foreclosing on the mortgage at the next gathering.

Someone offered a response to the letter Buchholz wrote to Rydecki, extending the Left Foot of Fellowship. Buchie made the point that his VPs agreed with him.

I mentioned in my note to this person that I took tests on material that included sex abuse and child abuse. Public institutions make it very clear that they enforce mandatory reporting, which WELS and Missouri consider entirely optional. The lying goes all the way to the top, and WELS leaders retaliate against anyone who tells the truth.

Looking at Rydecki's letter and his original dismissal letter from Jon-Boy today, it was interesting to note that Buchie said that both VP's had concurred his course of action,,,  As if the VP's had the option to overrule the DP.  Just like the thug Steinbrenner using the bear-killer CP to bring you to tears and short out your cell phone (joke).
Yes, when the Love Letter pastor offends again (or should i say "gets caught") the WELS will have no excuse as you have well documented WELS' legal violations and the leaders will not be able to claim they knew nothing about it. 

One becomes DP by playing dumb or by going along with the DP. Zank as VP facilitated Ski's escape to Don Patterson's lair, then became DP for violating district rules concerning Ski. Like all legalistic institutions, WELS excuses itself from even the most basic principles.

 "Who told you?" is not exactly evidence of innocence!

The Bear Killer CP phoned me about the Love Letter Pastor and told me "nothing happened." When I pinned him down on the facts, he claimed to be calling me about his concern for me. So I said, "Tears are rolling down my cheeks and shorting out my cell phone."

The DP flew from his parish to Alaska to get a fired pastor back into the pulpit, but "it never happened." He bullied people into a retreat and had the parish constitution changed immediately. The CP, who was not there, asked who told me (typical WELS) and claimed "nothing happened."

Natalie Pratt met with SP Mark Schroeder. Soon she had her own Luther Days expo, funded with lavish WELS donations. The "Largest Distinctly Lutheran Reformation Event" ended with few in attendance and the money gone, bills unpaid.

But, even though Schroeder promoted it on the WEL$.net page, "Nothing happened."

 "Even bigger and better." Yuk, yuk, yuk.