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Thursday, October 5, 2017

WELS Pastor Ricky Johnson's Exit from WELS Explained.
DP Jon-Boy Buchholz Just Like the Rest of the Corrupt Bullies

 Ricky Johnson's Facebook page is here.
Note the slide on the Philistines and the praise band get-up.
Here is the FB page for his new church.

Ricky Johnson's exit from WELS has been drawing a lot of views and a few questions.

I find it ironic, because Jon-Boy's oleaginous smile hid his serpentine mind when he kicked Paul Rydecki out and started foreclosure proceedings on the church building at the same time. I posted about that, too.

I get a lot of views for posting the truth, because WELS leaders always deceive the members, and the pastors too. This is their best source, since the leaders feed lies into the notorious WELS Grapevine.

Why Was Ricky Johnson Rewarded with Grants, and Jeff Gunn Placed in the Bloviating Bosom of Buchholz - When Rydecki Was Kicked Out?

We will not know if the following items are true until Buchholz and Schroeder officially deny it:

  1. Ricky Johnson's son, who works at one of the three campuses of Crown of Life, took $80,000 - $100,000 in church funds.
  2. WELS told Ricky to resign, since he knew about this and did nothing.
  3. Ricky and 100 or more Crown of Life members went down the road to a non-denominational church in Yucaipa. Soon Ricky had a call to that church.
  4. This is nothing new, since WELS is very sloppy about your offerings and  funds. Witness the MLS guy who lived royally on $20k a year while embezzling over $200,000 from the prep school. Or the pastor who got $300,000 from synod funds under Schroeder's watchful eye. Or Schroeder's darling to lead Luther Days - Natalie Pratt - (biggest Lutheran event in North America) - who got synod funds and did not pay the bills. Schroder did not know about Joel Hochmuth's child porn and trafficking, his PR man in the same office - and promptly absolved him.
 He is Leon Brink now.

Leon Piepenbrink got $300,000 from WELS
in spite of Schroeder spending $250,000 on financial controls.

 The UOJ Church Growthers, trained at Fuller -
or even worse schools - have been laughing in your faces and picking your pockets for
40 years plus. MLS grads were not impressed

that John Lawrenz would sell them down the river.

Ricky Johnson graduated in 1983, with a lot of other really bad Church Growth dudes, thanks to apostate faculty members like -
Jumping Jack Jeske, Gerlach, and Wendland.

Some of those graduates were equally bad, perhaps even worse than Ricky Johnson:
  • Lawrence Otto Olson, DMin Fuller Seminary.
  • Bob Fleischmann, Real Estate Developer
  • Richard Krause, DMin under Lawrence Otto Olson's tutelage!
  • Dapper Don Pieper
  • Al Sorum!
  • Keith Tullberg