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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Catastrophic Losses Facing the Church Growth Lutherans of the LCMS-WELS-ELS

 The Three Blind Guides cannot teach Luther, cannot preach what Luther risked his life to restore, and subsequently - cannot get many to fill their shrinking seminaries. 

Luther did not emphasize a visible church instutition, unlike the hollow leaders of today. He focused on the preached Word, which was his most important task.

Today's leaders feather their nests with enormous salaries and benefits, plus free world travel and extras available only to them. How much does that cost the slaves rowing the ship? - none of your business.

 Questions? Concerns? I thought not.

Their number one goal is staying in office. They line up their hatchet men to handle the executions, so they remain above the fray.

They silence any coverage of their clergy-teacher crimes. If coverage were fair, they would be charged for living like kings while they let pastors and teachers starve. But they are God's instruments too. God uses them to punish the laity and clergy who tolerate and promote false doctrine.

The proofs are available each day. Every time these Emmaus heroes open their mouths, they yap about Justification without Faith - that is, when they are not filling their mouths with steaks, desserts, and libations with exotic names. Their repudiation of Luther is not an accident. They are moving at full speed toward 100% persecution of Justification by Faith, assisted by their numbskull seminary and college faculties.

The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation was a complete success. All they did was mock Luther with trinkets and a few cheap shots. "In spite of his shortcomings, Luther..." I think that came from WELS - but they are all alike. That would be a miracle, to call someone with Chytraeus' ability - and he is the forgotten one in Luther's circle.

 Time of Grace is the media voice for WELS-LCMS-ELS, and ELCA. Look at the bedfellows - Mike and Scott - so rad, so ELCA, so 21st century Rome.

Luther exalted marriage as God's creation, and often wrote about his wife and children. One would imagine from the LCMS-WELS-ELS messaging that they only teach for the 2%, so they will end up with the 2% alone - just like ELCA.

The present situation can be described in a few words. The apostate leaders - The Three Blind Guides - have simply dropped  The Means of  from The Means of Grace. Therefore, they chatter about grace but join the generic Protestants - Calvinists mostly - in denying the The Means of Grace while talking about grace. As Luther wrote, they talk about Jesus all day while tearing down the bridge to Jesus. Oh, they may even say "Word and Sacrament" but they deny its meaning. On a good day, they may remember the Holy Spirit - how noble - but they never teach that the Spirit never without the Word, the Word never without the Spirit. That is sound doctrine. (Hoenecke)

  1. The Spirit never without the Word - God never teaches or works apart from His Word. Using man's wisdom and marketing yields poporn and soda churches - with clowns for preachers, ushers for deacons, and customers for members. The Three Blind Guides continue to support gimmicks rather than the efficacy of the Word. 
  2. The Word never without the Spirit. This is difficult but necessary in this Age of Apostasy, to trust God's Word to accomplish His will, even when it means doctrinal splits, closing congregations, and growth from the most unlikely pastors and teachers.
  3. That is sound doctrine. (Hoenecke) One cannot claim to be a Biblical Christian while denying this simple summary of the Word's efficacy and power.
 He read Luther all the time - deal with it.